Keep calm and de-stress

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Gone are the days when the world was an easy going, leisurely place where things moved at a lovely, slow place. Now, it is a stressed out world out there – full of competition and confusion. We live in a world where it has become very easy for absolutely anybody to lose their cool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how far you run away from stress, it eventually always seems to catch up to you. That’s what life is, it has its ups and downs. Now saying that there will be no difficulties or there will be no tense situations in life for you would be overstating things a bit too much. So I agree that there will be bad times, and things might just get really ugly from time to time, but the one thing you need to keep in mind is to stay calm and composed and handle everything patiently without losing your cool. This is pretty much what this article is all about.

Yes I know it is easy to preach to others and urge them to stay calm while actually staying calm and composed is the tough part. But at the same time I also know that staying calm in the time of a crisis is what separates the best from the rest. Hence, staying calm at all times is a skill that we need to master if we wish to succeed in life.

Sure stress is good for us, in as far as that it motivates us to do better and better. But it is good only to the extent where it acts as a supporter and provides you with the required push to keep giving your best and staying ahead of your competition. This is the healthy kind of stress that gets reflected as an improvement in your performance and level of hard work. Unfortunately, the problem arises when you let this very stress grow to unmanageable levels and you let it dominate all your actions and your entire life. Not only does stress have a negative effect on your health but it also adversely affects your performance and hence your work.

Talking about the health aspect first, stress is the root cause of a number of diseases and disorders in today’s world. What’s more there is a whole new section of diseases in today’s day and age which exists primarily because of the rising level of stress in the world – “Lifestyle Diseases”. Another thing that is astonishing is the fact that a huge majority of the working population is suffers from high stress, owing majorly to the highly competitive nature of their work as well as increasing work pressure. We normally perceive stress as something that is the creation of our mind and think that it has no major harmful effect. However this is not true, it is not even in the same vicinity as the truth. Too much of stress can lead to depression and can thus shattering not only your world but also the world of your near and dear ones. It can also cause you to lose focus in life and thereby disorient your entire life and reach a level from where it becomes very difficult to recover. It can also lead to numerous other problems like high blood pressure, obesity, panic and anxiety attacks…. The list goes on. Isn’t it ironic that despite the fact that we have so much around today which is supposed to make our lives easier, the stress levels are still off the charts! Wonder where we are going wrong. Anyway, that is a discussion meant for philosophers and social commentators. So let us stop digressing further and get back to what we were talking about. As stress takes a mental toll on our body, it ends up having serious physical repercussions. Because of the rat race which our lives have unfortunately become, sadly there comes a time when our heart is just unable to handle things anymore and just gives in.

Now the mental toll that stress takes on us is something we all are familiar with and it is the number one reason why so many of us have to battle with low levels of confidence, sometimes throughout our lives. Studies from around the world showcase clearly what all this pressure is doing to us – we have depressed students who cannot handle the stress of studies, angry employees who seem to be unable to have time for anything but the tons of work that they are handled, housewives who are stressed and depressed because they are trying to achieve everything at the same time. Everyone! Since stress has become such a universal phenomenon, here are two of the simplest ways to alleviate this monster and try to lead a better, healthier life:

1. MEDITATE – yes I know this sounds highly clichéd but fact is fact, nothing deals with stress the way meditation does. To quote a personal experience, I recently met someone who according to me looked no older than twenty five years of age. We talked a bit and I was impressed by his entire aura – he was calm, relaxed and had an easy going air about him. It was only after he left that I was told by a common friend that the man was forty years old. What is secret, I asked. Meditation was the answer and it made perfect sense. Meditation has been proved to be the best way to take all the pent up negative energy inside us and turn it into something peaceful and positive. And what’s more, it makes you look unbelievably young too. That is a great incentive to try it out, right?

2. FAMILY – Its all about loving your family, is it not? We are lucky enough to be living in a part of the world where we get unconditional love and support from our families. Sadly, as soon as we start working and become even a little bit independent we start taking this love for granted and almost start avoiding our very own family. There is nothing more calming than a lovely dinner or even a little vacation with family as it puts into perspective everything else. Go give your mom a tight hug and see how wonderful and calm it will feel.


And that’s it! As long as you meditate a little regularly and stay in touch with the ones you love the most, all your stress is bound to stay within the permissible limits. That is a promise.

And if it still isn’t so, dude, quit your job!!! It is not worth it ;)