Know Everything the Common Cold

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A disease which everyone on this whole earth has suffered from – at least once in his life. You’ve read the title, so yes, it is the common cold. As the chances of you catching the cold is almost certain within a year even in the best case, therefore, this article is certainly gonna come handy to you.

So, first we shall see the science behind the disease and then we will explore the ways to prevent it because everyone knows that prevention is better than a cure.

The disease is caused by virus and there are hundreds of different virus known to the science which are involved in it. However, most of the times, the culprit is a class of viruses known as Rhinovirus. It is contagious. Get in touch with the person having it and the chances are you’ll get it too. Just wait for a few hours to start seeing the symptoms. Well, there is this one common misconception among the people that the common cold happens due to cold weather or something like a weather change. It is definitely not true – at least actively. But the cold weather does play a role. It makes people get into their houses and live close to each other (think of a group of people sitting close to each other in summers, ewww, seriously? in sticky summers?)

Adeno-Associated virus

So, the point is as it is contagious, so it gets transmitted quite easily when people are close to each other and that’s why cold weather is blamed. Suppose someone in your house has common cold. He’s likely to sneeze. And his sneeze will be full of the rhinoviruses, which will remain suspended in the room for a long time. You’re in the same room, breathing the same air. You inhale a good amount of it and you’re infected.

Now, what happens after the virus gets into your system? It starts reproducing, multiplying and acquiring the whole body and that’s where the immune system comes into picture. The white blood cells begin to identify all those foreign viral cells and alert the whole body. The brain signals the blood vessels near our nostrils to swell so that the signals from the outside world could be perceived easily and that causes the release of mucous. Your nose starts running, causing the irritations which in turns causes the sneezing. When the viruses make into the body cells, the lungs too start producing the mucous and there you develop the cough in the throat. The immune system fights against those viruses and kill all of them in a few days. And that’s yellow thick material is mucous plus those dead cells. Within a week or so, you get well again.


Now, coming to the treatment and prevention part:

  • Medicinal tea. When you suffer from the cold you should intake warm stuff – warm fluids being the best. Set up for a normal tea with double the water content and then add smashed ginger, a few leaves of Tulsi and a little bit of lemongrass while boiling it. Avoid adding up any milk. If possible, use jaggery instead of the normal sugar. There you go – your homemade solution to the cold. Sip slowly and watch your favourite show. Enjoy!
  • Keep the water level maintained in the body. People usually avoid drinking water while infected, because it doesn’t feel good at such times. You should make a schedule for water intake, because a lower level of water will affect your immune system adversely. Take the warm fluids – chicken soups, mutton soups, turmeric-milk and other similar stuff.
  • Vitamin C and paracetamol. One bad thing about the common cold is that it makes you feel stuffed and irritated all the time – accompanying the headache. A paracetamol could be taken for the headache part and vitamin C tablets could be taken to recover soon from the cold. Alternatively, you might want to incorporate the citric foods in your meals like oranges, strawberries, lemons etc.

citurs foods

  • Steam-inhalation. Boil some water and drop some peppermint and Tulsi-leaf oil. Take out the water in a vessel, put your head right a little over it and cover the whole system with some cloth. The point is to not let the steam get wasted. Inhale all the steam coming out from the vessel. This would help the cough to get loosened from inside and you’ll be able to spit them out easily.
  • Keep Clean. If someone around you has caught the common cold, like someone in your own family, you’re very prone to catch it soon. So, if possible, keep that person in an isolated room, and ask him to bath regularly with some warm water. Clean the room and the clothes of the infected person more frequently while covering your mouth and nose. Most of the times, the infection gets into your body through your nose, mouth or eyes. Keep them all covered in infection-prone zone and you should be safe. Wash your hands before cooking, eating or touching your face.There are various hand-sanitizers available in the market. You just need to apply them on your hands, no need to wash. You can keep them in your pocket for handy use.
  • Eat well and keep working out. A good and balanced diet makes your immune system strong and so does the work outs.

steam inhalation

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