Kung Fu: Which Style Are You?

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It’s not just one, but a whole series of martial arts that follow the Shaolin developed. Originated in China, kung fu is one of the most emerging fighting styles nowadays.

Kung fu originated 3000 years back in time. The strange thing is that literal translation of kung fu doesn’t mean martial art or any fight, it means a skill developed from learning, practicing and devoting yourself. So yeah, even a cook can be called to be practicing kung fu.

Buddhist monks used to live peacefully in Shaolin temples close to the nature. But there were always a few people who tend to destroy those Shaolin temples. With time, the monks learnt how to defense themselves from those attacks by developing their own fighting methods. And those fighting methods involved intense training with the essence of meditation. This article will focus upon various animal kung fu styles famous these days. These styles were developed in time by those Shaolin monks who used to observe a few animals and copied their moves. Slowly they took this art to a whole new level.

Here are few of the famous animal style kung fu moves:

tiger style

  • Tiger style: Tiger is the king of animals, the king of mountains. A dominant and fearless character with silent steps and aggressive attack. Tiger Style kung fu primarily focus upon usage of direct power rather than involving mind games. This style is more biased towards attack and thus lacks proper defense mechanism, just like tiger. A tiger need not fear itself as it’s the ultimate predator.

The disadvantage is that this style is predictable. The moves, the attacks, motion – everything is predictable.

The tiger style kung fu is straightforward. No tactics involved, none of the blockings as well. If you’re big and powerful, this style is for you. The main attack point is the opponent’s throat. If there’s a block put by the opponent, that block is destroyed followed by the throat – all by power. The moves are very demanding in terms of power, so the fighter can’t sustain for longer time. Quickly finish the fight, that’s the main motto in tiger style kung fu. The training involves body hardening, strength training and conditioning.

crane style

  • Crane Style. Long long ago, there was a young kung fu master, who was more inclined towards the healing aspects rather than attacking ones. He paid more attention upon survival or defense. He used to meditate up on the mountains – in the quiet tranquility. With time, animals around there begin to trust him and he was often surrounded by them.

One day a tiger attacked the area. At that time, a flock of cranes were just sitting around there. One of them made some noise and made all of the other cranes to fly away, while he distracted the tiger. The tiger charged with all his might, but at the very last moment, it fled away – our tiger got some scratch. Another charge and he missed it again. After a little while the tiger was exhausted of his misses and made one last move, he missed it again, and the crane took leverage out of the tiger’s bleeding snout and flew away, making the bleeding more intense.

There emerged the crane style kung fu. Avoid any damage and focus on the attacker, using his strength against himself. You need patience, wit and speed. The crane style kung fu is non-violent in nature. It doesn’t harm, but it makes the attacker harm themselves by deviating their powerful attacks. Absolutely no power games, and the lack of aggression is the signature of the crane style. Remember, you die if you fall!

snake style

  • Snake Style. Snakes prefer quiet and lone places. The snake style usually makes people avoid the conflicts as much as it can be avoided. The motions are pretty controlled and there is a fluidity in the moves. The transition is smooth and very natural. Snakes are known for sudden attacks when they find themselves in no-quitting position. Similar is the snake style kung fu – full of sudden strikes, yet very chary at the same time. It is the kung fu of knowledge and movements. Snakes don’t seek victory, but they won’t let you defeat themselves either! Snake style kung fu moves are known for their surprises and sudden attacks via unusual ways.

praying mantis

  • Praying Mantis Style kung fu. This style is famous for the speed and accuracy. The practitioner’s stance is that of the praying mantis with fingers drooping down, yet not loose but powerful and always ready to strike the vital points in the opponent’s body. This style lacks power and relies mostly upon its speed and movements.

Control over the breathing pattern is a must to master the praying mantis style.


  • Panther Style kung fu. Panthers move quietly and smoothly. They attack quickly but their attack is powerful enough to get the enemy down. Panther is very flexible, fast and agile, excelling in jumping and deceiving. The practitioners of this style usually avoid forceful confrontation at times, and they prefer preparedness and attack with proper planning.

Go through all the styles and you will have the idea of what style will suit the best upon you based on your character!

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