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We all love to laugh! Don’t we?! Well, laughter is a very common expression or reaction which occurs in human beings due to many reasons. It is indeed a response to an external stimulus. We laugh for being tickled or for some funny thoughts or even for a humorous story. It is more infectious and contagious than cough, sneeze and even yawn! Laughter is that expression and act of human beings which binds us together irrespective of our caste and creed. It is also a reason for the increase in our happiness and intimacy.

We feel good while laughing and it gets even better when our mind gets relaxed and a good feeling of satisfaction remains in us for a long time. Laughter is a very important phenomenon and it helps in strengthening our immune system. It boosts our energy and makes us stress free. The best thing is that laughter is a freely available medicine for a better health. Laughing is also one such commodity which never exhausts as we use! The more you laugh, the even more you laugh! Probably that is why laughter is said to be contagious!

Laughter also creates a positive feeling in our mind and is synonymous to fun and joy. When we are enjoying we obviously laugh and laughing is very good for health! Every time we laugh we are relieved from physical tension and stress for up to 45 minutes. It fights in decreasing the hormones that are responsible for all the tension and stress in us! Yes! Laughter is the best stress buster! It also helps us in fighting against many diseases and also in boosting immunity. Any heart disease can easily be prevented by a simple act of laughing. It adds a feeling of zest in to the life and helps in improving our mood. So, never hesitate to laugh loudly!

We people get attracted to each other while laughing and it really is important in every relationships during our life time. It also enhances an understanding between a team in an organizational setup and thus the work is completed soon and also without any stress. It is thereby said to promote bonding.

Whenever we laugh our muscles stretch and our blood pressure rises. We start breathing faster and more oxygen is taken in. It is more or less a type of a mild workout as it provides all the advantages and benefits of a warm-up exercise. No wonder why we frequently see laughter clubs in almost every park early in the morning. By asking every person who is a part of a laughter club, we can easily know that the benefits and effects of both exercise and laughter are one and the same. We can find people in a laughter club waving their arms and laughing. This is due to the only reason that it is a very effective way of improving our heart rate.

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Many researchers have also recently found that laughter tends to burn calories and there by helps to reduce weight. It seems that nearly 50 calories can be burnt with a 10 to 15 minutes of laughter. Laughter exercises are always better done in a group and it should be accompanied with some yoga and breathing. People never crack jokes and laugh, but they laugh and simply laugh in laughter clubs. This act has to be performed at least for 15 minutes in a stretch. We all know that only by spending time on it with full devotion, we can acquire some knowledge. The same applies to laughing exercise and we should also make a note that only when we spend some quality time laughing, the chemical changes start happening in our body.

Nowadays we all live in a busy world with no free time for even ourselves. Especially people residing in the metro cities need to move here and there for hours together and it really is a hell of stress. Also, this is a competitive era with competition everywhere. We find competition in everyone and also in everything. Life is getting hectic and the terms deadline, target, promotion, fire, hire and all such blah blah blahs are making us humans go crazy which in-turn is responsible for the build up of tension and stress.

The worst thing that’s happening in this digital competitive urban era is that we keep forgetting that we need to laugh. People exercise a lot and especially many have become health conscious too and end up working out for hours in gyms for their six packs and zero size figure! But, they do not care for the fact that until they laugh everything goes into the dustbin. We should firstly keep our brain stress free and laughing out loud is the only possible way to accomplish it. We can easily say that people nowadays are missing out one of the most healthiest gestures in their life – laughter. Take things lightly and stop worrying. Laugh like a child! Laugh like anything! Laugh as if the whole world is listening to you! Laugh today for a better tomorrow!

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