The Law of Attraction

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image2   From the last few years, a new dimension of thoughts is spreading into the people. You must have heard about the law of attraction. Some people believe it, some don’t while some are just not sure. So, let us go into the details and observe the law from different. Starting right from the basics, what is the law of attraction? And why should I care about if it works or not? Law of attraction is one of the basic laws of the Universe. In easy words, it simply states that “like attracts like”. That is, you attract more of those things in your life which you most of the time think about. Knowingly or unknowingly, we use it in our daily lives. The secret here is that most of us just don’t realize it! So, that most-of-us portion miss the part of deliberately using the law of attraction to attract the best out of life.   Now, let us talk about how to use this “law of attraction”. Here you go with the points:

  1. Gratitude.  Be grateful for things. And feel the gratitude. Thank the universe for little positive things happening in your life. Ignore the negativities. You’re supposed to focus only upon the positive thoughts and events. There is this one effective way for shifting the energy to positivity using gratitude. Take a piece of paper and write things you’re grateful about. Write 5, 10, 20 or 100 things…as much as you can think about! It could be anything, like “Thank you universe that you gave me such a wonderful mom” or “I’m happy and grateful that I got promoted”. I repeat it once again, just writing’s not going to make it, when you point out the positive things, you must feel them in the bottom of your heart too!
  2. Make a clear picture of what you want and feel the abundance! This is important. You must visualize how you want your life to be. Want money? Close your eyes, and feel the abundance of money! Ask the universe for it. Be as much as detailed as possible. Like think about the sum you want. Stop focusing upon how much you earn and how much you save. Just state the amount. What will you do if you have all the money you want? Think about it. Jump into the details. Feel yourself spending from that money into stuff you want to buy. Appreciate the money when you touch it. Feel that there’s more and more money around you. Don’t focus on the debts. Make the mindset that you ARE rich. Rest, the universe will figure out!
  3. Believe! Here is one famous quote from a famous writer Napolean Hill

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Stop doubting and start believing. Remember that more you doubt, more will be the negative thoughts in your head and more of that negativity you will attract in your life. “How” am I going to achieve that? That’s the domain of the universe. The universe will rearrange itself to make that thing happen to you. Well, do whatever you have to do to generate the feelings of having what you want. Feeling matters.

  1. Receive. Bring yourself into the alignment of what you’re asking for. And with that alignment comes the enthusiasm, joy, happiness and positivity. But if you feel despair, fear or anger that’d mean you’re not aligned with the answer of the universe and you won’t get the results you asked for.

So, those were the ingredients for successful manifestation. Does the law work every time? Yes, it does. Every time! Let us come to the scientific part now. There is a famous equation E = mc2 which relates mass to the energy. About 14 billion years ago, with the universe being the size of a pea and constantly expanding, there was no matter in the universe, everything was just energy. With time, the universe expanded and found most of its energy getting converted into the matter. We’re made from energy, in fact everything in the whole universe is made from energy.   In our minds, at a time, there are many thoughts. Thoughts are generated and maintained by energy and energy has frequency. So, each thought has its own characteristic frequency and it can be measured too. When you constantly think about something, you emit frequencies related to that thought. Matter, that you want, is also made of energy, and since like attracts like, you end-up attracting that matter in your life! The scientific explanation is as simple as that. Many people think that if the law of attraction is really that simple, why is everyone not rich and healthy and happy? The thing is not everyone believes in the law of attraction. And even if they believe, they miss-out the gratitude, or the alignment part. The job is really simple. To change your world, all you have to do is to change the way you feel inside. Bad things do happen in life, and they happen just to take your attention and they ask you to change the thing you’re actually focusing upon. The Universe is right with you. Feel the change, see the change!

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