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Since we all love lazying around whenever we get the smallest opportunity, it is best to learn how to be lean while being lazy. Being lazy is an art, but so is being lean. We love being lean as much as we love being lazy. So it is difficult to prioritise when both are involved in the equation. However, the prospect of losing weight when all you want to do is cuddle in bed with a good book and a tub of ice cream, seems like too much work. So it is time we figure out how to stay thin and laze around!

1. Do not deprive
So the first trick is to not deprive yourself off all the delicacies which might have a high calorie count, whether it be blueberry cheesecake or chocolate mousse. All you have to do is eat your favourites in moderation so that you are satisfied at the same time you are not adding too much calories to your muffin top.

2. Your meals should have a lot of greens
So the second trick in the book is to make sure that you plate is at least half full of green vegetables. Lets face it, we all need the fibres in the meal since it provides roughage and the bucket loads of nutrients with it. This is also a healthy habit.

3. Size small, please!
If you want your dress to remain a small or extra small, make sure you order a small sized pizza, yoghurt, coffee or salad for yourself while ordering out. It is the most full proof way of staying away from the extra pounds.

4. Satisfied and not full
Make sure that you stop eating after you are satisfied and not full. This way you do not have to feel bloated after the meal.

5. Appetizers are essential
Whenever you go out for dinner make sure you order a salad or a soup to start with and you know very well why. It is best to feel half full by the time your main course arrives, this way you fill yourself up with low calorie soups and salads.

6. Bread rolls, maybe not
Avoid the the bread rolls as much as you can, since it is small in size and very good at seducing you into eating it one after another. Try to stick to one form of calorie, whether it be the bread rolls, the booze or the dessert.

7. Stay hydrated
Hydration is important as all of us already know. It is takes away the delusion of hunger. So try to fill more water in your system, about eight glasses a day.

8. No TV during meals
Watching TV and eating your meals at the same time is not a good idea since TV takes up most of your focus and you end up over eating and feeling bloated. So you can pause the movie and finish your meal.

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9. Snack away
Carry small snacks with you so that you do not have to run to the store to buy fried food when hunger hits. Be prepared for the hunger to strike and munch on fruits or maybe a couple of nuts to tone it down a bit.

10. No aerated drinks
Try to completely forget about the existence of coca cola or Pepsi, and keep drinking water instead. It is best not to drink in calories and probably save it for a party who you can indulge a little in these.

11. Vegan
I know this is a difficult prospect but try to be a part time vegetarian for your own good. It is always a better option to consume vegetables rather than meats.

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12. Whole grains, always.
Opt for whole grains and not the usual white bread because whole grains can keep you full for a longer time and reduce blood sugar levels.  Whereas, flour will quickly convert into sugar and add more weight as fat.

13. Breakfast is a must
Breakfast is an essential part of your diet so make sure you eat since it gets your metabolism working.

14. Be active
Try and take detours when you have time or take the stairs in stead of the lift to work your body out a little bit. Walk faster than the usual pace to reduce more calories. But try to work out for at least three hours every week. It is essential.

15. Midnight snacks are not cool
You need snacks to give you energy and since you do not really require energy while sleeping, the concept of midnight snacks is not valid, so quit taking trips to the fridge at night.

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Well if you can get all of these habits into your daily routine, you will definitely not gain weight lazying around. Being lazy is fun, but do not undermine the importance of working out because that is a health enhancer. If you are not the one for dieting, the above mentioned pointers can easily help you in stabilising your weight, that is for sure. So start controlling the counter of the weighing machine by actually making an effort to remain, if not less, then at least the same size. So folks, be lazy and be lean!