Life in front of the computer

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Remember those times when computers had little to offer and their utility was limited to the work part only? Probably not, right? Well I don’t blame you blame you. Even I can’t remember my life without a computer. Forget remember I can’t even imagine my life without a computer! And it’s not just me. I bet you wouldn’t be able to too. Well that’s how dependent on computers we are today. The computer screen has become like our fiancé from whom we just cannot take our eyes off, the only difference being that what you feel looking at the computer screen is a lot different from what you feel looking at your fiancé! And if that is not the case with you then you probably lie in the ‘Married to the Job’ category.
But is this addiction to computers good? Have we ever thought about the effects it can have on our health? More importantly even if we did think about it, did we do something in order to reduce our computer usage? These are some questions which I think are worth pondering over. Yes I agree that life without computers is not possible today and that computers do in fact help us to a great extent in simplifying our work. But life is not limited to work itself. It goes way beyond that. So look after your health with the same enthusiasm and commitment with which you work. And for this it is important to reduce our dependence on computers and the time of our limited life that we give to computers every day. And even when you are using it, make sure that you follow some simple steps which will ensure less strain and stress on your eyes and thus will increase your productivity too, while keeping you active. First of all, keep blinking! Yes, don’t be too engrossed looking at the screen that you forget to blink your eyes frequently. Keep blinking as you normally would and you’ll be surprised to see that a step as easy as this can provide positive results. Blinking helps retain the oxygen levels in our eyes and prevents that ‘irritable’ dryness of the eyes. Secondly there are softwares available on the web today that keep reminding you to look away from the screen and relax your eyes after a fixed duration of time. I’ve seen some IT people use this software, and then i tried it myself. It actually turned out to be pretty useful. Something as simple as downloading that software made me able to spend a lot more time working on the computer without getting too stressed or strained. Apart from this, small breaks here and there can be a really good idea. But make sure the breaks stay small enough to not divert your mind off work completely and lose focus! Thirdly, if you most of your office work revolves around spending time on the computer, don’t spend too much of your leisure time on the staring at the computer screen as well. Activities such as reading books or newspapers don’t really need to be ‘online’ or ‘staring at the screen’ activities. Give your eyes a break after work and then if you do feel like reading, read a good old paperback. Nothing, as I always say, beats the physical reassurance of an actual book.
These were some points for the case when you do have to sit in front of the computer screen and there is no other way out. But what about the time when it’s not really necessary but we still end up sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours straight. This is the kind of stuff that we need to avoid. I’ve seen a lot of people who play games on their computer/laptop or end up on Facebook or Twitter when they are 5-10 minute break from their work. This is not how it works. It may refresh your mind by taking your mind off work, but it will not help relax your eyes. And for a computer-oriented job you need your eyes well relaxed in order to put in long work hours. So avoid such activities in the break and instead try closing your eyes for five minutes and experience the refreshing change that it will bring along. Secondly avoid off work activities on computer as much as possible. Why play cricket/football on the computer and ruin your eyes and body at the same time when you can go to a playground just around the corner and burn some fat the old-fashioned way while enjoying playing your sport with actual real people. Sometimes it is better to do things the old-fashioned way. Your body will not only become more active but you’ll even get to avoid those bulky glasses. And glasses, whatever their power, are not cool. Whatever the world and fashion magazines may say, being dependent on anything in order to see can be utterly irritating and slightly depressing too. Understand the fact that spending time away from the computer screen will not only relax your eyes and mind but also improve your overall health.
So, its time to pull up your socks and pull, at least a little, away from the computer screen.