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Many of us are self employed. Especially, those people who are a bit inclined towards creativity are always under the urge of working for themselves. The main reason for self employment would be the judging of the creativity of a person by his bosses that would be a matter of demotivate for a creative one and also dissatisfaction of a highly creative person when his creative brain is not much used. Every self employed person is mainly having all his devotion set towards his creativity and is having only two products in his inventory to sell. The one being “Time” and the other “Knowledge”.

Suppose we take into consideration the life of a doctor who is practicing through his own clinic, he is a self employed person. He is likely to spend his precious time with his patients and knowledge to diagnose them. A better example would be a musician who spends his time and knowledge of music to compose a song and perform it in front of the audience. When a song is out, it is nothing but the outcome of the musician’s time and knowledge. To succeed, one more factor we can consider is “Creativity” as mentioned above in the previous paragraph. Many people get shocked to see big musicians being paid in Millions of Dollars. That is nothing but the price for their time, knowledge and creativity.

The person who wishes to be self employed should first evaluate his own knowledge in the field of his interest. The more knowledgeable he is, the more fame he will be able to gain. He should also be willing to spare more time towards his works and projects that a regular employee of an organization would spend. A self employed is absolutely devoid of the office hours and is always free to take a nap in the middle of the day or work for many sleepless nights! Everything depends on the enthusiasm of the person and his interest in reaching millions of hearts!

Here, we can slightly stress on the ability of the person in utilizing his knowledge to the best possible level. It is a common sense that acquiring knowledge alone is insufficient for a person to be successful. He has to in fact mend his ability of utilizing the knowledge. Let us again take the example of a musician. The same ragas (musical scales) can be known by many musicians but the ability to utilize the raga uniquely brings out some maestros like A R Rahman!

We can consider knowledge as a commodity that is being sold but the commodity has to be packed and presented well isn’t it? The same is the case with knowledge. The knowledge that a self employed obtains should be packed and presented well so that it can be fairly received by the people and for that how well he markets himself is further most important factor. A self employed person usually markets himself just the way an employee markets his company and its products. So, we can easily consider that a self employed is his own boss and his own employee. He works in various aspects from marketing to customer service and liaison agent to public relations officer. He works for clients or customers or people (general public) who are his real bosses.

Second most important factor one should need to understand is that time is far valuable than money for a self employed. Money can be replenished but time cannot! A self employed person to be successful should not only use his knowledge creatively but also maintain his timeliness. Many self employed persons demand money according to the time they spend on the project to complete it.

Self employed persons also are quite familiar with heavy schedules working on their dream projects which are very much close to their hearts. They seamlessly get attached to their work unlike the employees working for an organization. A feeling of accomplishment is also more for a self employed than their opposites.

Constant updates of feedback is also what makes a self employed person improve more and more in his work to attain success. Usually we all find an actor open to feedback from his fans. The more open he is to welcome feedback, more success can he accomplish. Also, a self employed is usually having a desire to try anything and everything.


A self employed with all these unique qualities can lead himself to a more successful outcome by learning from others. It is also worth mentioning that the more he knows himself the better his output will be. He must also enjoy his work. A self employed person should always be rich in ideas and thoughts. He should always be in search of some mind boggling ideas. Ideas as we all know develop from anywhere from bathroom to office and while walking, jogging, eating, watching television, etc. The list goes endless with a number of idea generating opportunities. But what makes a self employed to be self employed successfully is the ability to pick up ideas from every single point.

We can conclude that the life of a self employed is not just interesting but also at the same time a little risky. The one with adequate knowledge, time and patience is surely to climb the ladder of success more faster than his counterparts.

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