Life and The State of Mind

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These days I haven’t been feeling very lively or happy on my own. I do have my highs and lows but mostly it’s just lows for now. And the strange part is that it is happening for no reason. Or maybe the reason is too absurd for me to admit. Our frame of mind gets easily affected by what is happening around us. When we are surrounded by people who love us and who are happy, it directly reflects on our frame of mind too. When life is exciting and we have something to look forward to everyday, our state of mind also becomes happy and cheerful. On the contrary when it’s dull and boring with exactly nothing happening around us, we start feeling that way too.

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Maybe this is what happens to me every once in an year. I think I should call it SVS- Summer Vacation Syndrome. Though summer is a happy time to go out and have fun, am not really a fan of summers, at least not a fan of summer vacations. Why? Well, lets’ see. Firstly there is no school/college for these couple of months. And the weather is anything but pleasant. No matter how badly you want to go out and conquer the world (or just hang out with friends!), the tormenting sun and the humidity does its best to convince you otherwise. And then sitting at home watching TV I ask myself, every 30 minutes, “Why does life has to be so boring?” I am being a cry baby and I know it but this gets me to thinking that how much the events around us can affect our frame of mind and force us to feel happy or terrible about ourselves.

The other day I went out for lunch with friends I was meeting after a very long time. I had a great day with some great people beside me and I felt like I am in a really happy space. I believed that I have got enough in my life to be thankful for and absolutely nothing to complain about. I thought that it’s not that difficult to stay in a positive frame of mind and I could do this more often. But then again, why do I need a day out to feel good about myself? Why cannot I stay happy with myself no matter what is happening around? Because after a day of fun and enjoyment I have headed back to my “Life is so boring” status.

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Human brain is one tricky organ and the more we try to know about it, the more we realize that how little we know. Our state of mind and what is happening around us has quite a significant connection with each other and even if we fail to notice it, there is a lot going on in our subconscious, what we can call as the background process. And it naturally is reflected in the way we feel, respond and behave. Isn’t it true that when we are having a good day, even a bad news or an unfavourable incident fails to bother us or bring down our spirit while during a bad day, something as little as a queue at the canteen counter can piss us off!
Now coming back to my original issue, can a person stay self dependant and pursue happiness on its own no matter what? Even if he/she is not surrounded by a bunch of good friends nor has a loving and caring family at home, can he/she be happy? Seems like quite a difficult question to answer but I would really want the answer to be a yes! I do not want to rely upon external factors to gain happiness from as I do not want to seek the happiness from outside but from within myself. Even if I go out trekking on some isolated Himalayan cliff or I sit at home lazily with a cup of coffee, I intend to stay in a happy space of mind.

Though I have tried indulging in my all-time favourite hobbies, from sketching to candle making, but even they are failing to keep me entertained right now. Blame that to my state of mind that I no longer enjoy those activities too, or maybe it works the other way around. Gosh! This is bad. I need to do something that makes me happy. Or maybe I need to stop stressing.

life and state of mind

But how to change the state of my mind? I think I’ll go with the conventional ideas every person suggests. Go out with people more often, surround yourself with those who stay happy, find and do activities that interest you, find good things to focus on each day and neglect all the bad (or boring parts) and stay busy. Make a list of activities you always wanted to do but couldn’t because of lack of time and start doing them now, at least the possible ones. And put a tick over it in your list when you are done with it (this is supposed to give a sense of achievement!). I think I’ll start with try cooking some pasta!

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