The Link between Personal Relationships and Health

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Contradictory to popular belief, personal relationships are nothing like your typical fairy-tale. Concepts such as that of ‘love at first sight’ do not (with cherries on top) exist in reality and part of being able to establish a healthy, practical and meaningful association with a person means accepting and acknowledging that fact. That being said, I do not, in any way mean that love and romance are non-existent or inconsequential; the truth, however, is that we do not live in an over-dramatic, nineties’ movie so we need to update our fairy-tales.

The kind of personal relationships that you choose to establish with a person is bound to affect you and your health (both physical and psychological) directly or indirectly. Healthy personal relationships are an extremely important component of one’s physical and psychological well-being; there’s evidence to prove it. They help you grow and nurture your individuality more than anything else. And who doesn’t want to feel happy, loved and respected? A little bit of romance never hurt anyone. On the flip-side, however, like very coin has two sides, an unhealthy or an unstable relationship can, in fact, prove to impede your productivity as a person and affect your physical and psychological well-being in a highly negative manner.


On how personal relationships affect one’s health.

Relationships are not only responsible for giving us pleasure and happiness, they also have quite an impact on our health. Having conducted a lot of researches based on the link between a healthy personal relationship and its effects on one’s health, researchers have come to the conclusion that people who have healthy and satisfying relationships tend to be happier (quite obviously), live longer and have fewer health issues than the others. That being said, people who have healthy personal relationships are also known to be better at dealing with stressful situations and have a better functioning immune system then those who were single or in a not-so-healthy relationship.

I know you’re probably wondering how that’s even possible. Ah! But it is. Have you ever heard of something called the love hormone? No? It’s called Oxytocin. And yet, Cupid’s arrows went for the heart instead of going for the brain.

Oxytocin is not only a hormone, but it also functions as something known as a neurotransmitter which means that it is produced in all our nerve cells. So far, so good. This is the very same hormone that’s responsible for all re-productivity.

Research has shown that oxytocin helps you open up and communicate your feelings rather effectually; something that is one of the most vital factors that has a direct affect on the progress of your relationship. After having conducted plenty researches in the ‘love’ and ‘oxytocin’ departments, scientists found that the amount of oxytocin released in one’s body at the time of ‘falling in love’ was the highest they had ever seen. Did I mention that oxytocin plays a major, vital role in enhancing the bond between mother and child during breastfeeding?

Oxytocin level have also been known to have quite an impact, a positive one at that, on the extent and longevity of a relationship. People with high oxytocin levels are known to be more ‘in love’, more deeply connected with each other in terms of intimacy and hence have a happier, healthier state of mind than the others. How? For the simple reason that the effects of oxytocin are very long-lasting. Although, when oxytocin is released in the body it doesn’t last any longer than three minutes. The effect however, can last for up to three hours!

Hang on a minute, I’m not done yet; there’s more. Oxytocin is also know to increase one’s tolerance for pain and improves the functioning of the healing tissues, making a person stronger and better at handling stressful situations and empathizing. Both men and women benefit equally from the release of oxytocin. It helps in building trust and hence improves communication among people. Taking the physical aspect into consideration, it has been found that slight stroking of the skin with a steady pulse can reduce one’s blood pressure for close to three hours. Touch is comforting, there is no doubt about that, but who knew it could help reduce health issues?

It is no wonder that personal relationships, provided they are gone about the correct way, can prove to be so beneficial for one’s health, happiness and well being.


On how you can make your relationship healthy and happy.

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From personal experience, I’ve learnt that there is no one particular way to make your relationship successful and healthy. While it is true that coming from a country where societal norms and regulations have a tendency to take a toll on you and get the best of you, you have to realize one thing: nothing has been established universally. Sometimes, when you give into external pressures, especially where your relationship is concerned, and do something because…well, that’s the ‘norm’, it’s no longer about you. It becomes more of a responsibility, maybe even a burden at some point and that’s where everything starts to change. To maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and to make sure that you are making the most of it, you have to have the nerve to make it a point to do what is best for *your* relationship and not succumb to the *dreaded* norm. I’ve also learnt that part of being able to establish a healthy, meaningful association with someone takes self-awareness: getting to know who you truly are and what you really want.

The other most important thing, learn to accept that nothing is certain. While it is only a good thing to plan your future, do not miss out on the present. Constantly thinking about what may or may not happen will worry you and cause you to get anxious. All these issues are bound to manifest themselves at some point and nobody wants that.