A little something called Ego

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All of us are overwhelmed by nostalgia when we think of our school days. What was it that made school so special? Why do we feel that we had the time of our lives there?
Think for a while. You will realize that the sole reason for this is that our lives were simple. Every problem had a solution. Everything was uncomplicated. We did not take everything very seriously. And most importantly we did have what we call “EGO”.
EGO is generally defined as a person’s sense of self importance or self worth. It is how much you value yourself and your opinions on something. It is also how much you expect others to value your suggestions and comments. It is your basic right to express your opinion. You can also expect others to consider it. But what you should not expect is that everyone will agree to it. There is a fine line between having high self esteem and being egotistical. You have to always be careful and make sure you are on the right side.
Ego is an emotion or a feeling of superiority. Egotists behave as though they are the centre of the universe and the planet revolves around them. We have all had that one self centred, egocentric classmate or colleague. They create a nuisance and are the ones who usually make a fuss for every small thing. We have to know and realize that ego alone is enough for destroying relationships at both personal and professional levels. Not everyone will be accommodating enough to put up with narcissists.
I will list out a few things that will help you identify whether you have an egoist or not. Read the points to follow. If more than half of them are true in your case then ….. you are an egoist.

1. Interaction with people of different age groups:

Egotists often find it difficult to interact with people who are older or younger than them. You feel younger people are kids and are never willing to take in their ideas or suggestions.
On the other hand you are also unwilling to take in the suggestions given by older people who have a lot of experience. You feel that older people give out dated suggestions.

2. Black and White:

Such people have very clear cut ideas and views. Everything is either right or wrong. You see the world in only black and white. There is no grey. Whereas  in reality there is a little good in everything bad and a little bad in everything good. Because of these clear cut opinions you are often severely judgmental.

3. I, me , myself:

Your world revolves around you and only you. You often think that the sun orbits the place where you stand. You expect everyone to seek your approval on each and everything that needs to be done. Reality trails far behind. You really need some one to put you in your place and remind you that you live on the earth and not among the stars.
4. Loving compliments:

Ahh… the love for compliments. Even normal people love compliments. But you are crazy about them. Every action you do requires some praise.

5. Mood swings:

You have a wide range of moods. Your moods are totally unpredictable. You would be a capricious person. When things don’t go the way you want them to or when you don’t get the amount of attention you require, your system kicks in the mood swings. And since you consider everyone else to be a step behind you in everything, you take liberty in taking out your bad mood on someone else if you have some power over them.

6. Accepting defeat- No way:

“Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days…. Nobody’s perfect; you live and you learn it.” This was a popular Hannah Montana song.
You just cannot accept the possibility that you are bad at something. You have to be perfect. Even if you are not good at something you pretend to be good at it. You gain superficial knowledge about it and try to excel in it. If this does not work out you just let it go by saying that it isn’t worth it. Ever heard the “Grapes are sour” quote?

7. You can’ t take advice:

When people try to advise you on something, you can’t take in the advise. All that is running in your mind is that someone is pointing out your flaws. But wait according to you, you have no flaws. So clearly the person who is advising you is lying. Right? Wrong. Learn to take in a little advice. It would do you a whole lot of good.

8. Losing friends:

Ever wondered why you don’t have too many friends? If not; think about it now. What happened to your friends for life? Maybe you guys had one argument too many. It may have put a permanent strain on the relationship. Because of your pompousness you will find it extremely hard to make new friends too.

If most of the above lines hold true for you, then you are an egoist. You have to work hard to get rid of your ego. Otherwise you will always have to deal with its effects.

I am a third year Electronics and Communication Engineering student with a passion for literature. I am an avid reader ;particularly fascinated by modern fiction . I love to pen short pieces about day to day occurrences.