Do We Live in a Mean World?

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It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, you are going to encounter people who are gonna push your buttons. They are going to test you and see what you are made of. Are you really the person you say you are? But it is amazing when you dive deeper into what motivates people to be mean and also find the tools to deal with their meanness. The real truth is that there are no mean people in our lives. They are mean when we accept their meanness. When people criticize us or are mean to us, it has got very little to do with us and more about themselves. They have their own different story and many mean people actually feel like victims. They are hurt inside of themselves. It is all about attention. When we love someone, we give them a lot of attention so when people are mean to us, they want us to place some focus on them. What happens in a lot of scenarios is that many times, we fail to see that is is a reflection of their reality and experiences. When someone says,” Oh! I don’t like what you are wearing today.” or “Oh! You shouldn’t have done it like that.” That is really fine because that is how they see it from their perception. But it is all about the energy that matters. If we find that their energy doesn’t resonate with us then we have to see how we responded. We have to see whether we are copying them because most of the times, we intimate people’s behavior. This is a big trap.


We just have to act with compassion in such situations because that frees us energetically and we can breath and relax. If you respond in a very calm way, you free yourself because now you are claiming back your power. You see that nobody has power over you unless you give them power. We should choose not to focus on mean people. Most of the people are mean in this world because they are craving your affection and your love. It doesn’t mean that we just have to dismiss the people who are mean to us, because when they have something to tell us, we can get an idea of their problem if we just listen to them. We should be open to everyone’s opinion but at the same time, we have to ask ourselves who are these people and how they are expressing themselves. You just have to rise higher because when you stop playing their game, you free yourself from the mean trap.

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How you see yourself is the most important thing in this world because how you see yourself determines what you attract. That is why loving your self a hundred percent is really necessary. A lot of people are mean because may be they had a tough childhood or parental abandonment issues. But this is no excuse because a lot of people who are mean, they use this as a justification to hurt other people. But all of us have gone through things during our life and once we stop justifying why we need to act in a certain way, we free ourselves from the need to be mean to other people. People who are mean, forget to realize that they won’t have any friends or any support system during their hard times. You just have to see that if you are not happy with someone else then it is your issue not theirs. They have got nothing to do with it.


When someone tries to dump all of his emotional baggage onto you, then you have to remember that you don’t need to absorb their energy. You just can keep it moving. You can tap into the power of “NO” or the power of “YES”. In dealing with this, we have to start changing our perspective. We have to see that their problem existed way before you came on the scene. There is a saying “Its not a slam at you when people are rude, its a slam at the people they have met before.” This is very true. When people are acting mean with us then it also help us to look within ourselves. We fear what we don’t understand and fear is nothing but a false evidence appearing real. Many people are mean because they are afraid, they are scared and that is why they act small. When you start to let go of fear and let the love guide you then there is no need to be mean anymore. If someone is being mean to you, you also have to start increasing your self esteem. We can not feel inferior because of somebody else until we allow it. We feel inferior only when we have handed over our power to others and think that someone else is better than us. When we stop externalizing our power then nobody can hurt us emotionally ever. So, the world is not man until you let it hurt you emotionally. We just have to change ourselves according to the environment. We should try to be flexible. That is how we can survive in this mean mean world.