Live the Way Out- Travel

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Live The Way Out- Travel

Travelling is an interesting experience overall. If you need a break or want to feel relaxed from your stressed full life travelling is the best option to opt for. It is a best form of stress management. To keep aside the current and past scenes back and just go out feels rejuvenated. Venturing to some place simply adds on to memory to cherish later so you lose nothing but you always gain and experience something new. Experiences differ though even if you visit the same place for 10 times. Every time it’s a whole new incident. Taking a break and staying at home is so different than going for outing. It opens up new world with new perspective and unusual vision. It helps us to explore brand new things with a fresh mind. I use the same funda, whenever I feel stressed out I just pack my bag and live the house for a while and when I come back everything what I left behind seems to open the answers with a newer look and touch. It makes my life simple to categorize and prioritize as to how to tackle the situation without any burden. And “THE” favorite part of travelling is clicking pictures, isn’t yours favorite part too? “CLICK CLICK”! This pose that pose in every single pose you click the photo and bring back those memories stored in the form of images. Then you have loads of experiences gathered with you to recollect whenever you want to. We have evidence to share of something different then. But this photo can be cherished when you yourself go and enjoy that particular moment. The moment of yours is only yours and no one can imagine or feel the way you felt at that time. It’s never waste of time to go out when you feel so it’s always worth to take break when you need because, you won’t be able to concentrate on actually what you want unless you are at peace.


Travelling helps us in lot more ways. To understand the culture, the way other works, the way they live and celebrate, the way they behave, speak, etc. it always differ leave about the difference of country in particular states in particular city itself it differs in lot more ways. This always adds on to your trunk of knowledge. Now or the other way round it would be useful to you. Our common and casual vision towards the world can be changed with the help of travelling perhaps. It provokes a different pleasure and satisfaction in oneself. It’s a delight to watch the scenic beauty while travelling. Many places speak out the actual meaning after we visit about what they intend to be. To some people it is just other place or to some it may be like their home place too. Travel to learn more and gain every time you travel.  The beauty we miss and ignore in our day to day routine gain it. Fall in love with your own self and everything will be just wow! Travelling is the best way of rescuing yourself from the dilemma of work. I always find this travelling thing very much exotic. The notion of going out, packing, clicking pictures just amazes me. Yes! I mean am too much high regarding this things. Planning and all stuff where to go, what to do there, etc. makes me crazy sometimes. That feeling only reduces half of my stress and makes me relief from every dam thing. Recently I visited Ratnagiri place in Maharashtra and it was such an amazing scenic beauty there. The house was to the roadside and just in front of that it had a wonderful clean beach. WOW! Yes that was the same reaction of mine. Who wouldn’t like that? New place, new experience it was speechless I was after seeing the view. See you should travel you don’t know what life bring you when and where. Life is full of surprises so enjoy it to the fullest. The emotion to go back home when came over to different place is just exotic never felt that way to go home. When it’s a normal routine to go home it’s boring but the moment we go anywhere other than home we suddenly have a feeling of I Want to go home!  My school teacher always use to say life is “BOOMERANG” the way you give the response the same way it will come back to you someday if not today. So always try to focus on positive things so it will lead your life on a positive track always. It’s all about how you manage and tackle your problems. Life! Is that easy you just need to act the way you feel. Travel to lose yourself and travel to find new you. Feel it truly.