Living The Dream

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A recent question in one of my classes was “What is happiness?” The question is pretty simple but it set me thinking. Happiness is basically not being sad. Happiness is doing what you like to do. Happiness is also working hard without feeling the effort of it. It is keeping your self occupied with good things and surrounded by positive and upbeat people. Happiness is spending most of your time doing something you love doing. Happiness is smiling through the day and not feeling the strain. Happiness is being able to take everything lightly. But above all happiness is watching your dreams come true.

Taking an intersection of all the above statements, happiness is doing things you like for most of the time. This can only be achieved if you make your passion your profession. It is said “if you are good at something never do it for free.” Make your hobby an integral part of your profession. If possible make your hobby your full time profession.

If you can make a living doing that one thing you love doing, then rest assured that life can never get any better. The biggest problem is identifying that one thing. The second problem is convincing your family that the thing you have chosen is good enough. Though you will face these initial challenges it will be worth it in the end.

There are four parts of you that you have to identify.

Arena: This is the part of you that holds the skills that you know you possess and the skills are also exhibited to others. These are most often your strongest skills. Your main aim should be to widen your arena.

Hidden self: These parts of your skills are known only to you, you may not exhibit them outwardly. Most people would be unaware that you possess these skills. Your duty is to overcome your shyness and bring these skills into the arena.

Blind Self:  This set of your skills are unknown to you. They may be known to your friends, family and dear ones. You will have to seek their opinion to identify these skills.

Blind spot:  This is the part of you that no one knows exists: not even you. This part of you is the hardest part to discover. You will have to try many new activities, participate in many different events to discover the skill set that lies in the blind spot region.

This method of introspecting is called the window view. It was invented by two psychologists. It is an effective and easy strategy to help you identify your core strengths. Your main job is to widen your arena over a period of time.

Once you identify your arena, you have to pick a part of it that you are happy and comfortable doing.  Find that one skill or hobby that would be most suitable on a professional level. When your work/ job involves something you love doing it will no longer be a boring 8 hour job. It will be just an extension of entertainment for you. You will always be inspired and highly motivated. As a result you will produce better results and become highly successful.

When you look at what the difference is between legends and ordinary people, it is just one basic thing. They did what they loved to do. Hence they were passionate and highly successful. A.R Rahman was passionate about music, Sachin Tendulkar never saw beyond cricket, Roger Federer’s whole life revolves around tennis. Bill Gates spent most of his time thinking about ways to improve technology, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to create a social platform like never before. In other words though each of their interests is different we can easily identify the one thing that links them all: their passion towards some field which they pursued professionally. As a result of their passion towards their field they could easily work harder than the rest. Hence they excelled in their respective fields. The logic is simple. When you have to work towards something you like , you just don’t feel the effort. Over work is twice as hard if you label it that. When you work is your hobby then your life will be perfect.

To the students who are going to choose their courses for higher education soon, please take your time and discover that one thing you love doing. Make it your dream, your greatest desire. Work towards it. Keep thinking about it. Visualize your dream. When you truly want something, the universe conspires with you in helping you achieve it. Your passion will one day become your profession. You will then live your dream. Every day will be a dream come true for you. You will be HAPPY every day. Though it may seem like a huge gamble right now, ten years from now you will know it was the best decision you ever made. You will be doing what you love and loving what you do. Success and happiness will be yours forever.


I am a third year Electronics and Communication Engineering student with a passion for literature. I am an avid reader ;particularly fascinated by modern fiction . I love to pen short pieces about day to day occurrences.