How to look beyond the excuses

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Every one of us at some point of our life maybe more than once cheated on our routine to workout. Everything that gives reason to workouts; the healthy body, reduction of stress, prevention of chronic health issues and higher energy levels; all seem to fade away when we choose that moment of comfort over health benefits.

Exercise should not always be something that brings over a feeling of sadness over us. It should be light, fun and energetic. Yet, we always keep our laziness win over it. If you wish to break down all the excuses you’ve put forward to stop yourself from working out, read on.

Define your workout with a goal

We all have different goals in our day to day life. Money is the motivation of some while happiness is for others. What we should understand from this is that we all have different goals on which we work upon in order to motivate ourselves.
Find a goal that will motivate you to exercise daily. Just losing weight or getting in shape may not be the final factor for you to workout.
Often people tie their workout with a secondary goal. Apart from getting fit, these secondary goals may be as vague as getting a six pack abs till the end of the year or getting fit in the dress or t-shirt that can no longer hold you in. As long as it keeps you excited and exercising, stick to it!
But be careful. Your goals are meant to be for yourself so be honest to them and yourself. If it’s not inspiring you to workout, shun them off, do not pretend.

To make it a habit, bring about changes in your life

If you wish your exercising routine to become a habit; you need to introduce it to multiple parts of your life. This has to be introduced as a change, not just as a change in physical actions but also as a change in emotions, in thoughts, in physical surroundings and in your network.
Only when you have attached it to your daily life in the above parts, you will find out in no time, that it has become a habit.
For example, when someone takes up swimming, he joins a swimming pool which will bring about a change in his physical surroundings. Further when he swims, his body is working out acting as a change in physical actions. The friends he makes there will act as a change in his network and the joy of swimming will bring in changes in emotions and thoughts.
Once your exercising routine becomes a habit, it is very difficult to go back to your old sloppy self.

Be comfortable with the time you devote

Everyone has a different time slot to work out because of lack of time in their busy lives. You should not compare yourself with anyone. Work out when you seem to have a free time of about an hour or so. Extreme workouts of 4-5 hours are not needed. A small walk before going to work and an evening stroll after coming from work is sufficient. Why? Because you will be amazed by how you are feeling after you exercise.
Exercising makes you more efficient in other areas of your life. Great ideas hit you when your mind is active and the mind works like a factory when we work out. It brings out brilliant ideas as it is under less pressure and is around favorable environment.

Take it easy

One of the most common mistakes while starting to work out is they start with extreme workout sessions and vigorous exercises or they become self-critical when missing a workout session.
Stop! It’s too much. You are aiming to be a regular exerciser and not a perfect one. It is okay if you slip-up, you need to be there the next day to make up for it.
You have to keep showing up for the exercising sessions, that’s the key. Even a little exercise daily is doing the trick. You are getting where you want to be.
Do not over-indulge. Start with light exercises that are complimentary with your level. If you take up heavy workout sessions too soon, your body won’t comply with it and you will lose the spark eventually. Start with small goals.

A few tips to become a regular exerciser

  • Bring Company: Find a friend who is ready to work out with you daily. Mentally, it’s easier for someone to go out and exercise, knowing someone familiar is waiting for them.
  • Invest! : When even a little money is involved, we often become motivated. A small amount of money, paid as a race fee for example, can help you start working out harder. It is human nature that when we invest money somewhere, we seek to make the money’s worth.
  • Make a schedule: When we write something down by ourselves, it often becomes important because words written down by us are the most powerful source of motivation. So get up pick up the calendar and make a schedule for your workout. When we take out time for something, we do consider it important and vice-versa.
  • Keep rewarding yourself: When you complete a workout planned by you, reward yourself. Your incentive could be anything that makes your workout more indulging; a new pair of socks, a pair of new shoes, or something entirely different like a pedicure or a day at the spa.

Workout becomes fun when we make it a habit. So your primary goal is to fit this healthy habit in your schedule. Once perfectly set in your daily routine, you can surely get back in shape or be healthy as you can in no time.