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Weight is another thing, fat is another and here’s a problem that is even fiercer, did you know that cellulite affects women of all different shapes and sizes? So many women across the world struggle with the attempt to reduce cellulite without success that it has been aptly termed “the curse of women”.

What you may not know is that cellulite is caused due to muscle atrophy and the fat deposits right under the skin and it is these fat deposits that cause the bumpy appearance (not the skin itself).

Muscular atrophy is a condition that occurs when the layer of muscle becomes weak and undefined, and separates from the skin, making the unattractive fatty deposits visible. However, there is a way to reverse muscular atrophy, and banish celluloid for some good.

Here are some tips that will save you from all the wrong you are doing and will guide you to right way of losing celluloid content from your body without much expenses and side effects. Try these and lose that love handle , here’s how,

You cannot lose celluloid with the help of lotions:

They won’t help, they just won’t so all the good you can do to your self is stop using them, they do no good to your skin and reduce any sort of fat, and also they can be dangerously harmful to your skin. Even the most expensive one’s are of no help. You spend loads of money on then and wait all your life for results that won’t show. Exercise; join the gym with the money you are spending on foreign brands of cosmetics. They are of no help at all.


Spa treatments even midi-spa treatments do not work and also can be dangerous:

Even the best of wraps and spa treatment will not do any good to that excessive celluloid content that is making you look fat, so give up on them. Also many of these treatments like celluloid sucking treatments by live organism have injured women big time, therefore stay away from them if you don’t want to harm your body and skin even further. At have memories of your spa day outs in the form of injuries and scars.

Celluloid is not something genetic and can be treated:

No matter who told you and what made you believe in this but celluloid is not a problem you genetically inherited from your parents. It’s a bodily structure and it’s not inherited. This belief will only stop you from working out and losing the celluloid content from your body. It is very important to be motivated enough to lose the excessive content of celluloid that your body posses. Therefore stop blaming your parents and do something on your own the body you want.



Age doesn’t determine your cellulite loss:

Celluloid has nothing to do with your muscles therefore age does not determines the whether you can lose the celluloid or not. No matter what age you are you can lose the celluloid that is making you look plum, also losing doesn’t require vigorous workout sessions therefore you can do mild little exercises and lose celluloid. Celluloid acre fat cells that accumulate in your body and they go without you performing any core muscle exercises. So all you have to do is a little lower body exercises.

You can lose celluloid if you concentrate your exercise on lower body movements:

These are specialized movements that help you lose celluloid. One fact that we fail to understand is that the skinniest girls can suffer from celluloid. Celluloid is collected fat in various areas therefore it is not necessary that you can only suffer from celluloid if you are fat. So celluloid bursting exercises even though they are not vigorous they need to be concentrated. Concentrated enough, to burst the celluloid that has been infested. Some exercises that you can do to remove celluloid are, hula hooping, cycling and the best and the easiest way is to jog. Run rather, brisk walking and running help burst out celluloid content. Running will melt away the celluloid in your body and will in turn make it leave the building, officially. Also yoga helps in removing celluloid from your body. Practicing yoga will not only remove celluloid but will also tone your body making it more firm from within and out. And then there is this magic tip that will help you lose the celluloid without much ado and that is having warm water after meals. Warm water doesn’t allow fat to accumulate. It washes it off fat and this help in celluloid content not accumulating into pockets within your body.


These are some tips that can help you lose the celluloid that is accumulated in your body and will also help in making your body more healthy and firm, also taking care of some details such as not using much of cosmetics and spa treatments will save from a lot of side effects that no brand informs you about. And the health risk that these spa treatments bring. So lose that celluloid and stay fit in your dream bod.