How to Lose Fat – Part 1

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how to lose fat

More than one third of the population of the Unites States is obese. And diseases caused by cholesterol has the highest death toll there. Obesity has arisen as one of the biggest health issues these days. There is a huge list of diseases caused by obesity including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Gall Stones…the list goes on and on.

Before going to the solutions part upon losing fat, first of all let us see what causes obesity. The equation of gaining fat is quite simple and so is the solution:

If Calories you eat > Calories you burn,

then, in a long run, these unused energy reserves start to get accumulated in the cells of the body slowly. Initially, the accumulation starts at regions near the digestive system, like the stomach or the waist. With time, it spreads all over the body.

In some cases, there might be some other reasons as well, like very low metabolism rate of the body. Metabolism is nothing but the chemical reactions in the cells which draws energy from all the stuff you eat and beverages you drink. While some genetic disorders might also be causing obesity in some of the rare cases.

Now, let us come to the solutions part. Point-wise.

  1. Workout! This is the best way to lose fat. Just implement more of cardiovascular exercises or aerobic exercises in your training schedule. Long distance running, dancing, playing football, playing badminton, High Intensity Training (HIT) and Crossfit are some of the good options. For now, I’ll focus upon HIT as it’ll not only cut-off the excessive fat and make you ripped, but also add some muscle mass to give a lean look. Rest of the other exercises I mentioned are self-explainable. HIT is essentially weight-training focusing more on repetitions, till you’re not able to do even a single one. See a typical example yourself:

Do the following sets with 10 repetitions each, unless otherwise specified, in the order they’re written:

Squats, pullover, overhead press, bench-press, biceps curls, triceps extension, chin-up, parallel dip, and finally 50 abdominal crunches.

As you can see, two consecutive exercises target different muscle groups while the alternative ones will target mostly the same muscle groups. At the end, a full body workout it is!

The key to HIT is that you must not take rest between two consecutive exercises. As the set will progress, your breathing will go heavier and heavier. You’ll be consuming more oxygen and your body would burn more calories cutting through all that excessive fat reserves. Three such sets a day, and you’re done! Some people are naturally more prone to gain weights. Such people should do HIT on daily basis.

  1. Burning Abdominal Fats. There is this common misconception among people that doing abdominal crunches will get you a six-pack. It is not so! Six packs are visible only when the overall body fat is low enough. Doing thousands of crunches won’t make it visible, though it will build up some ab muscles. The best way to cut through the abdominal fats is sprinting. Yeah, tie those laces tight and do some serious sprinting. A typical schedule maybe: five to seven 50-60 meter sprints a day. If possible, do it daily at the same time. The important point in sprinting is to focus that your abdominal muscles are twisting and heating up to burn the fats. Another main point is acceleration. Most of the fats are burned when you try to accelerate in the sprint. So, try your best to achieve your maximum speed in the limited distance run.

Short-distance cycling up the hill is also a good way to burn abdominal fats. Again, the focus should be on accelerating the bicycle as quick as you can.

  1. Mind Is Everything! Whatever exercise you do, always remember that it is the brain which eventually commands every action in your body. So, make your mind focus to get better results. For instance, while doing the HIT, let your body be involved in the exercises and make your mind focus upon fat-loss. Think and believe that you’re losing fats. Visualize all that fat in your body getting burnt and reduced as you do that one extra push-up. While sprinting, focus in your mind that you’re working out your abdominal muscle real hard!
  2. Make a perfect Diet Plan. A perfect diet is as important as the exercise itself. There is a famous saying that you become what you eat! Eat fat, and you’ll become fat, eat meat and you’ll gain more meat (muscles). Exclude all those French-fries from your diet. Exclude that hamburger. More oily food simply means more fatty food. There are tasty alternatives available which are nutritious too.

Usually, high protein and low carbohydrate diets work well when combined with the HIT to lose fat. Eat only the egg whites, not the yolks. Include a lot of green veggies in your food. Use brown bread instead of the whites.

Here is another important point! Just dieting is not gonna make you lose fat. When you’re on a tight dieting schedule, your body’s machinery readjusts itself to lowers down the metabolic rate and you end up starving, yet not losing all that fat! While working out regularly would keep that metabolism high and make you lose fat easily.

That was all as a quick guide for losing fat! Hope you do your best!

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