Love and Health

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I think we have all at one point in our lives felt that love is a little over hyped. Some of us might even be able to relate to a certain saying that ‘You are not in love; you are in love with the idea of being in love.’ What is this idea of being in love? More precisely, what is love? Well, I would agree with you if you thought that it is a matter of excellent academic caliber to be able to define love in concrete terms but I think you would also agree with me when I very simply call love a feeling, a feeling of happiness. This feeling of being complete and being at peace with the world has broader implications. It not only changes the way you see the world, it changes the way you function resulting into biological alterations that your body responds to. It has often happened so with many of us when our friends enquired if we were in love only because we smiled a bit too much or looked a little prettier or just dressed up one evening. Well, all of it has a lot to do with the idea of being in love. I honestly do not think love would be what it is only if we had no notion of it being so. Therefore, it will not be that great a deviation from truth when I tell you that this idea of love or being in love embraces all that is beautiful, pleasant, happy, blissful, innocent, ecstatic, colorful, calm and serene. And if it is so, then our health too must conform to this idyllic state and more often than not, it does.  In fact, love and health goes hand in hand. You would not feel healthy in true meaning of that term if it was not for the happiness in your heart. It is love alone that can instigate this state of bliss like no other emotion can. This article will explore the interlude of love and health which is an honest attempt to give you an insight into exactly how healthy love is for you.


If you have ever wondered what love has got to do with our health and wellbeing then going by the standing of the recent research findings, well just about everything. There are various theories about how love adds another year to your lives but even if it is not so, it will, like they popularly say, add life to your years. However, the reason that is cited to be the cause behind this conclusion is that when people are in relationship their blood pressure is lower even if the relationship is not particularly a happy one. In a book written on the subject by three psychiatrists called A General Theory of Love asserts that because we constantly cast an influence over one another through the limbic systems, “What we do inside relationships matter more than any other aspect of human life.” Also, going by a research conducted on the couples it was found that when couples were physically separated from each other, their cortisol levels were higher and the sleep was worse compared to when they were together. Now all of it counts when considering questions related to health, does it not? The low blood pressure bit about being in relationship is simply amazing and specially when served with statistics. Back in 2010, a study that included both people single and committed people, it was shown that not only people with quality relationship have lower blood pressure but the loneliest ones accounted for a 14.4 point rise in systolic blood pressure as against the committed ones. Love is not only a natural cure for depression, when you are with the one you love, I am sure your definition of depression would be to not be with him or her at any point in your life. So depression loses its essential meaning and takes up a definition conforming to the jurisdiction of love, when the two are juxtaposed. Okay, this one effect of love is a clear winner – love increases your body immunity actually giving you the strength and will to fight all that you have to not only physically but also biologically. Wilkes University conducted a study to conclude that having sex at least once a week will increase the levels of your IgA which is the antibody for various illnesses and is in turn responsible to keep us healthy. Another hormone, oxytocin which is released when we kiss or touch someone our beloved is scientifically proven to have suppressed stress hormones and also boost your immunity therefore. Another study has shown that married men who were exposed to the common risk factors like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. were noted to have 50 percent less angina when they felt loved by their wives. So all those hype about love having a lot to do with your heart is true as love actually protects your heart. The feeling of love lastly almost champions the cause of being a stress relief, improving your mood and giving you the strength to face life head on, not only for yourself but also for your beloved.