Do What you Love, Love What you do

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Life is too short to run after something that isn’t your true calling. Don’t just get into something because you have heard that there is loads of money and the other benefits that may seem attractive, get into something that truly means something to you; something that charges you up, every single day, something that compels you to push your limits daily. It is very important for us to realize our purpose in life. I recently came across a wonderful quote, which sums up my feelings perfectly: “Purpose is the quality we want to centre our work around-the way we orient ourselves towards life and work. It is the way we make sense or meaning out of our lives”.













The easiest thing in the world is to follow the masses, get into a job where money becomes the primary motive of everything and sometimes the sole objective as well. But it is the path less travelled which leads to true happiness, success and contentment. A wise man once said – contentment is the true source of all happiness. And trust me; you will never be content with a life where all you do is run after money and some false sense of security. When you choose to follow the path picked by your heart, you let contentment make its way there.
We all reach a point in our lives where we have to make a choice- between what your head asks you to do and what your heart compels you to do. And though the choice may seem difficult as hell, once you embark on this path to happiness, you would never want to return. It is the courage that we lack and the fear that we have inside us which stops up from doing something we really want to do.
As human beings, we always want to play safe – it’s the most natural tendency. We always seem to get sucked in to the lucrative attractions that seem tempting from a distance but the nearer and nearer we go, we realize that this is not what we wanted or signed up for. But by then you are so caught up in the web of life, escaping seems next to impossible. There are a number of things that one has to worry about: one has to think of a stable and secure future, not just the present. One also has to think because of the society in which he/she resides. Thinking about all these things, we tend to forget our primary goal in life which simply is happiness and contentment. Money can provide you temporary motivation, as it does for most of us for a few years, it can give you temporary satisfaction but in the long run you only excel if you do what you love.
What we do not realize most of the times is that it is not just that we get satisfaction if we pursue what we love. But even the results are bound to be better and we are bound to excel and work harder if we chase our dreams. For example, consider a twenty five-year old guy, stuck in an IT job, though lucrative, even though his real passion is cooking. He might somehow drag himself out of his bed and into his office every morning; won’t he just jump out of his every single morning if he chose to open up his own café or restaurant? Won’t that be the REAL success story?
When you develop a keen interest in your work, when you start to enjoy what you do for a living, it is only then that when you realize how unbelievably wonderful life can be. You may end up earning less than what you may have earned elsewhere, you may have to compromise on a smaller car, on a smaller house maybe, but one thing you will definitely not be compromising on is happiness. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters? Trust me, it is.

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In a recent survey, researchers found out that productivity of a company’s workers is highest when the employees are happy and well taken care of, when they work in a positive atmosphere. Employees are the most important asset of any company today and this is primarily the reason why successful companies like Google are focused on providing an employee friendly work environment where employees can work happily and with a free state of mind. I mean, come on, Google apparently has play slides in some of their offices! If you are happy, it will not only improve your performance but chances are that it will create a more productive environment around you and thus will reflect positively in the performance of your peers as well in some way or the other.

So I guess to sum things up I would leave it up to you guys to decide. What do you want more in life: money and fame, or happiness and satisfaction? Nothing seems better than a combination of both, doesn’t it? But life is not generally that kind so let us be real! So give it a thought, and decide for yourself. Twenty years from now, what is the story that you wish to tell your grandchildren? That you toiled endlessly, day after day in a job that didn’t give leave you with the time and energy to live your life. Or do you want to tell them how you were brave enough to take that chance, open that little patisserie and lead a life of unparalleled joy and happiness.
As you ponder, let me leave you with a simple quote – “The purpose of life, is a life of purpose”