Love & Misadventure: Lang Leav

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In 21st century, the internet has opened a whole new world to us. Everything happens online. We read online. This has given a whole new platform to writers to reach the readers in the other corner of the world. In the recent times many a new writers have come up who have showcased their work online and have made it big. One such name is Lang Leav. It is hard to come across a hopeless romantic and a poetry lover who hasn’t heard her name. She is the current ‘in’ thing. It is her prose and poetry which connect a million hearts all across the globe. And for all the social media addicts, irrespective of the fact whether they love poetry or not have surely heard her name and read her work. One can find her work present on almost every social networking website be it facebook, twitter, tumblr or pinterest. leav

Her very first book, ‘Love and Misadventures’ released in 2013 is a set of poetry and prose which has been divided into three parts. The first is Misadventure. The second, Circus of Sorrows and the Third being love. Each part has its own different line which it goes on to and each prose and poetry and all the three sections have a different story to tell. At the end of every section there are illustrations.

To begin with the first section which is Misadventure basically talks about falling in love. Yes, as we all know falling in love with someone is an adventure of a sort but at the same time it is all a misadventure. Lang Leav, captures all the emotions quite accurately in all the poems that she has under this collection of misadventure. Misadventures contain no prose of any sort. Her poems are usually very short and yet have a powerful impact on the reader.


The second section is Circus of Sorrows. Well this is one for the broken hearted. In this section, she tries to capture the pain and the hurt that one has to go through when one is in love with someone and that someone doesn’t love you back. This is that one section which a reader is waiting for. If you think that Lang Leav couldn’t do better than that then you just got proved wrong. This is indeed the best section of the book. Hurt and losing someone you love are all very complex emotions and it is hard to capture them correctly. In most cases one cannot really capture them until or unless they have really felt it. It’s just like they say that to act like a drunkard is very difficult. That is exactly the same is catching the emotions of a broken heart. But Lang Leav has done it perfectly well. When you read the prose and poetry she makes you feel all those emotions of a broken heart even if you haven’t felt them. Somewhere down the line, she will make you believe that true love can happen only once and will show you how much it hurts to lose that.

Love, the third section of the book. Well the name of the section says it all, doesn’t it? It is obvious by the name that it talks about love. The feeling of being in love with someone. She basically concentrates on the little little feelings that love can make you feel and also those feelings when you are with the one you love. It is the little things that make it all worth it. Doesn’t it? So that is what she basically concentrates on.

The book is indeed beautifully written. Each prose and poetry has its own story to tell. And each of them carry their own set of emotions for one to feel. Her first book has indeed been one of the best sellers. On a very critical note some poems are not that moving, but there are a few which make a really huge difference in one’s perception towards the book. Some poems will leave you feeling nothing at all. But then there will be some which will rage a storm inside of you. A storm that won’t be calmed for a while and it will come back in the night to haunt you.


If by any chance you are a book weeper. This book definitely is the one for you. Like its been said earlier it talks about a broken heart and the emotions that it makes you feel. So there will be somethings in the book that will make you shed that one drop of tear that you are afraid to shed and maybe it might even start a waterfall from your eyes.

Lang Leav, has dedicated this book to Micheal Faudet, who is the author of the book ‘Dirty Pretty Things’. The third part of the book even has a poem dedicated to Micheal. Her main inspiration for the third section as all the readers feel is Micheal. The hopelessness of love, is distinctly visible.

This book is one for who love ‘love’ or the ones who have been in love. Maybe just about anyone. But it takes a lot to understand the depth of the book and the prose and the poetry that it contains. Poetry and prose is not just for anyone. Poetry is for those people who can capture the whole story and the feeling behind those very few words. For those who cannot grasp too much in very less words this book my friend isn’t for you.

Poetry as we all know is a form of art which only very few can capture well. It’s a tidy task to say a lot within a very few words and on a very personal note  I believe that Lang Leav has managed to do so. So if you are a hopeless romantic in love with poetry this book is for you. Happy Reading.  Just a tip: read with a box of chocolate or a cup of hot chocolate tucked up in your blanket.