Love thy Neighbor

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Don’t get any wrong ideas reading the title of this article – Remember that we should never judge a book by its cover. I am pretty sure I know what all of you must be thinking, but sorry to disappoint you I am not talking about actually making love to your neighbor or any such sort of a thing! Well if you are single and so is your neighbor then sure go ahead, you have my blessings! But what I am talking about here is the kind of attitude and the kind of connection that you need to have, in general, towards your society, at least your next door neighbors. It is always a good thing to accept and acknowledge the fact that this is your life now (for at least as long as you live in your chosen locality), that these are the people you’ll be surrounded by you now. And subsequently you will have to make sure that you develop a positive connect with them at the least, if not an intimate one. Trust me, what I am suggesting will make life easier for everyone and who knows may be a little fun as well!

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The society that we live in, the people that we see around us almost every single day, each one of them forms a part of our life. Even the aged gentleman you say hello to you every morning when you are walking in the park does form a small, albeit insignificant, part in your life. We may not realize all this straight away, but as we move further in life we do come to realize that life is not just an aggregate of the obvious, but the collection of the obvious and the not so obvious, the direct and the indirect links that shape the path we walk on. So do not underestimate the importance of anybody around you, do not belittle anyone around you can treat everybody with love and respect.
Well things may have gotten too philosophical above, so let us tone it down a notch! When I talk about your connect with your neighbors, it holds a little more importance because the chances of them affecting your life are more due to their proximity. I am not just talking about them being a part of your life, I am trying to spell out the fact that they can actually prove to have a positive influence on you and help you around in a lot of ways thus making your life easier and a tad bit better. So it is important that you have an amicable and respectable relation with your neighbors. When you have such positive connections around you and you get along well with people around you, you are more likely to stay happier. You are also likely to stay more connected with what is happening around you, making you more aware of your surroundings. One will always feel a sense of safety and certainty when you can depend on your neighbors. This is one of the most comforting factors especially with the rapidly rising crime rate. Even if nothing else, it adds to your mental satisfaction knowing the fact that your neighbors will keep a lookout for anything suspicious and will keep you informed. And in today’s day and age, that itself is a whole lot.
While most of the things I have said stand true as a general concept of keeping good relations with people, but the reason our neighbors and our society are of more importance is that these are the people who we are likely to interact more with. Having a healthy relation in your society will not only get you respect but will also create a collaborative environment where people lookout for each other and are not indifferent to what’s happening around them. Think about it: would you like to like in a society where neighbors don’t care about each other? Where is no sense of mutual warmth and camaraderie? So to create the kind of atmosphere that you want for yourself, you will have to go and actively create it. In fact such an amiable atmosphere keeps you stronger at the time of adversity and unplanned crisis. Creating a family like environment fosters relations and helps the society grow as a whole by standing united when time requires. Being a resident of a housing society myself, let me tell you that the atmosphere is so happy and warm – with most of the residents celebrating major festivals such as Diwali, Holi and Christmas together in the common ground. And let me tell you, the environment is joyful that it cannot be put into words.

Having said everything that I have, I would want to point out that while being friendly is a great thing we should never lower our guard and become too trusting. The golden rule of the kind of world we live in is – never stop being careful. You can never be too sure of the world around you, so never be blindly dependent on anybody and never trust anybody blindly. Maintaining good relations does not, at any point, mean that you share all your private details with them like sharing vital information like your security code, pass codes etc., it just means that having healthy discussions with your neighbor, going out morning or evening walks together, getting to know them better, greeting each other with a smile whenever you meet, and other such little things. Like I always say, little things matter and go a long way. Knowledge is power as it creates awareness. The more you know about everybody, the more you know about your surroundings, the more aware you will be in tackling, anticipating and avoiding future problems.
So loving your neighbor is good not only for you, but for everyone around you too!