When Love wants Aurora!

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Do you have a wish list that reeks of your deepest desires? Ranging from a desire to spend a holiday week in Antarctica to a desire to conquer the world, there are no reservations that contain your desires. You enjoy one of the most relished freedoms naturally.

While you may have several impossible wishes, you will definitely harbor some wishes that are common to most of the human population. Among such wishes, the wish to see Northern Lights or Aurora once in a lifetime tops many wish lists. Before we list those selected places where you can have the best experience of Aurora, it would be better if we get a brief insight into the phenomenon of Aurora!

Don’t ever take a single second to breathe,
They’re going to send me on a murdering spree.
I can not wait to dance upon your grave.
They don’t even have a soul left to be saved.

You would eat your young

We swam among the northern lights,
And hid beyond the edge of night.
Waiting for the dawn to come,
And sang a song
To save us all

Alas! We can swim in the vastness of Northern Lights. Swimming in the Northern lights is not humanly possible but seeing it through naked eyes is a heavenly sight.
Northern Lights or Aurora is a natural light display in the sky especially in the high latitude regions, caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetosphere charged particles with the high altitude atmosphere.The name comes from the Roman Goddess of dawn, by the same name, who renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. She was a charmer and enchanted many gods, demi-gods, and even humans. You must have already heard about her love affair with a human, Tithonous. We may not have Gods, and demi Gods on the earthly planet, as they are up in the skies, but there are plenty of human who, like Tithonous, have succumbed to Aurora’s enigmatic beauty.

We may not see the phenomenon of Aurora as a manifestation of the Goddess but we still regard it no less than magic. No wonder, it often remains in our wish lists.

In order to experience the best of Aurora, this article enumerates those few places are perfect for this purpose.

1. Norway

The plethora of content you would find on Norway’s Northern Lights shows the ravishing beauty that Aurora has and why Norway tops places where Aurora pays homage. The northern town of Tromsø teems with Aurora Borealis activity when those extended summer days are long gone. Its location above the Arctic Circle, and within the Northern Lights zone, makes it one of the top places to view shimmering green lights.

Magic lies in the sky.

Magic lies in the sky

2. Sweden

Scandavian countries come with not only impressive names but also gorgeous place of see sighting. It does not how much wrapped they become with the thick sheets of ice, remain inactive until the summer arrives, or may until Dragons come back, they remain beautiful as always.

This Scandavian country is also popular among chasers of Northern Lights and has been in the top ranks for many years.  The area around Abisko in Swedish Lapland is scientifically proven to be an ideal viewing spot due to a unique micro-climate. Close to Abisko National Park, the dark winter night is perfect for sky watching.

Leading the path through the skies.

Leading the path through the skies.

3. Finland

It is said that Finland is home to our childhood super hero, Santa Claus. Does this make Finland a dream for any person who wishes to relive childhood? Santa Claus (known in Finland as Joulupukki or “Yule Goat”) officially resides in a house built right on top of the Arctic circle, near the town of Rovaniemi, in the northern province of Lappland. The Santa Claus Post receives some 700,000 letters every year from children from 198 countries (so far).

Head to Luosto in Northern Finland to the Aurora Chalet where, upon arrival, you’ll be handed an “Aurora Alarm” which beeps once Northern Lights appear.

May be when Santa is happy, he sends Aurora!

May be when Santa is happy, he sends Aurora!

4. Iceland

Iceland is home to the greatest concentration of the geysers in the world. Vikings have origins here as well.

However, the best feature of Iceland is Aurora.

Leave the bustling nightlife of the capital city and head out into the wide open plains of Þingvellir National Park—a UNESCO Heritage Site where the North American and Eurasian continental plates meet to cause a rift valley.Canada

If you wish to experience metropolis and nature together, Canada is the choice. Usually, people journey to remote areas to experience Aurora in its purest form, they often ignore places like Canada. Ideal places for seeing this phenomenon are Lake Superior and Tundra’s backcountry.

Icy but lovely!

Icy but lovely

5. Russia

Reign of Vladimir Putin might be facing tumultuous, political period but the natural equilibrium is a peace giver. Scandavian countries are popular for Aurora but Russia provides a mesmerizing experience as well.  The Kola Peninsula’s proximity to the Northern Lights zone also makes it a key area and the town of Murmansk is a popular base  if you can handle the below freezing temperatures of a typical Siberian winter.

Smeared colors

Smeared colors