Made Up, Who Me?

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Calvin Klein once said, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” Getting the Au naturale look is an art. Here are some tricks and tips on how to low-down on make up.



-Foundation on dry skin is the worst make up faux pas ever. Always, always,always moisturize the skin with a light serum or gel-based moisturizer to plump out the skin and yet avoid any oily shine.

-Less is more. Dot your face with tiny amounts of foundation and blend. Too much foundation can make you look pale and unhealthy. Keep adding if need be, but start with little.

-Ever noticed how that perfect shade of foundation you bought almost looks like a bronzer when you apply it? It’s called oxidation. Be carefull while buying foundations and always choose a shade that’s nearest to the skin tone of your neck.


– Before you start eye make up, put in some eye drop to make your eyes appear brighter. Once you have applied the foundation start with the eye make up, dab some extra on your cheeks just below the eyes. It catches any loose eye make up.

-Mascara wands need to be blotted with a tissue before using on the lashes. to light up the eyes, drop the kohl and instead line the inside rims of the eyes with a white eye pencil. The effect is subtle but impactful.



-The soother the lips the smoother the pout. Every morning when you clean your teeth, use the toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips too. One neat trick is to coat your lips with Vaseline and brush them.

-Plump lips are always in. To get a nice pout apply a good lip plumper five minutes before you apply any lip color.

-Anytime you feel your lips are drying up, don’t run your tongue over them- drink a glass of water instead to rehydrate them and keep a glossy lip balm handy to add some moisture and sheen without touching the color.

-Try and choose lip products with a little SPF- this goes a long way in maintaining the sensitive skin of your lips.Best-Suitable-Tips-And-Makeup-ideas