Maintaining the Nails at Home

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It has been extremely hectic for the past few days and suddenly it strikes your head that you did not take the proper required care for your hands, feet and its nails. You don’t even have the moment to slip out into one of the parlors for your nails to be taken care of by the experts. Sitting quietly is definitely not going to help in any way. The chipped polish needs to be fixed and replaced with a new coat. Also the nails have to be tended. A few quick steps at home will give you the feel of getting a pedicure done at your own home. So that the next time you are about to remove your shoes, you will have no regrets on its state, rather you can flaunt them gladly. A well manicured hand adds a differently gorgeous entity to a woman.
The first step is to take off the old nail color with any good acetone polish remover on a cotton ball. Take care to use a good quality remover especially because poor quality ones leave a whitish layer around the nails, giving your toes an undesirable look.
After that it is time to give a proper shape to those nails. Using a nail cutter cut the nails to a desired size and smoothen the tips of the nails using a file. In case there is no file available, use a matchbox through its rough side. At least some work will be done. Since a long time women have opted for round shaped nails that is a conventional method even today. But if you are looking for a more modernized look, you can use the square shape as well. Both forms look great and maintain the nail shape well.
Immersing your hands and feet in mild water will give a relaxing effect. To the water add a cleansing soap liquid that will chuck the dirt out. Adding some lime juice to a tub of water is also an alternative and natural way to bring about cleansing. Although avoid using extremely hot or cold water. Getting your hands and feet scrubbed is advisable to remove dead cells from the skin. Use of natural scrubbing salts such as the kosher salts is one way. To avoid any dryness, get some oil mixed to this salt. Olive oil is a preferable option. After the scrub, wash off with water thoroughly. The olive oil has a pleasingly moisturizing effect on the skin and keeps the nails healthy along with the skin.

After the cleansing process you might need to use a moisturizing lotion on your hands to avoid dryness. Also, olive oil can serve the same purpose.
Get a cuticle clipper to get rid of the unwontedly grown cuticles. Take care to use it properly without bruising the skin around the nails. But if you have any kind of issues with getting them removed, you can choose to just push the cuticle inside carefully without causing any bruise. This way too you can make your nails look cuticle free. Also take care not to induce scratches on the nails or affect the natural coating on the nails. A naturally lustrous and healthy set of nails is what you are always aiming for after all. Removing the cuticles also makes your nails look longer and more praise worthy.


Now comes the best part. After your nails are ready, you can start applying the polish. First of all, a base coat needs to be put evenly. This is followed by application of another coat to give a more permanent effect. Take care to use good quality nail color. Don’t apply extremely thick layers, else the texture gets affected and your nails end up looking unusually messy resulting in some part of the paint getting wiped off or damaged.
At times it might also not be necessary to apply paint. Still performing this routine is necessary to keep your nails in good shape. Thus performing the steps till moisturization is also enough. Never let old color stay for long, because partly chipped colors look very awful. A lighter shade is more effective in sheltering any damage visible near the nails.
At the same time a proper choice of the color needs to be done. You can opt for a safer zone of light and common colors like beige, baby pink and silver to some adventurous shades including black, dark blue and green. Flashy neon colors are also quite a fad in recent times. Choose from a range of bright and funky colors like orange, neon green and violet. Nail art is another popular trend amongst youngsters. Make your nails the canvas and explore your painting abilities. A quick search on the net will show you several catalogs to choose from. Sparkly colors in golden, magenta and blue are also trendy. Apart from nail art, you can use another form of art which is the sticker art. Lovely stickers are availed at those outlets.
Last but not the least; take care of your products. Keep polish in a cool, dry place, like the fridge. If kept in the open, ensure that it stays away from the sun’s rays as that will spoil the paint.