How to make your Eyelashes Look Longer.

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It is said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. They say everything we would never dare to say. They express every inexpressible feeling and say all the unsaid things. Our eyes help us to see  the world around us and grasp the things we cannot grasp with the help of our other senses. For some people eyes are the most attractive thing in the other person. When one falls for another person they usually do fall in love with the beauty of the other person’s eyes. If you are someone who is obsessed with eyes and checks out everyone’s eyes then you know and understand the importance of extremely pretty eyes.

Well almost everyone has pretty eyes.  ‘Pretty comes in all shapes and sizes’. Doesn’t it? Well so do eyes. When one travels from one part of the world to another eyes also change and all of them have their own distinct attractiveness attached to them. One thing that remains common are the eyelashes. Well eyelashes are all sorts too. They are long and short. Too many or too less.


It is hard to find a woman who is not obsessed with looking her best and highlighting her eyes. Most women love eye makeup and an integral part of the eye make up are the eyelashes. Haven’t we all looked at all those models and actresses on the cover of fashion magazines with those big beautiful eyelashes and wondered how they got that. Yes, most of them are fake eyelashes. For those of you who do not know about that, yes there are something called fake eyelashes and they are easily available. One can always buy them from any big make up label like Mac etc.

But of course anyone would prefer getting such eyelashes naturally rather than putting on fake eyelashes every time you have to go out. So let me tell you this one thing, that it is not impossible to get long beautiful natural eyelashes on your own. Here are some simple tips for you that will help you to grow your eyelashes just like those models you have adored for so many ages and will continue adoring for the ages to come.


The first and the foremost would be oiling. Yes, you read it right oiling. We have all oiled our hair with coconut or caster or olive oil ever since we were little. But never did we ever put oil on our eyelashes and see what the result would be. Well, it is time to experiment maybe. But this experiment will have only one and one result and that would be, that your eyelashes will grow longer and thicker. Yes putting oil on your eyelashes helps to promote growth of eye lashes. So, before going to sleep warm up a bit of either coconut oil or olive oil and then, put it on your eye lashes. Wash it off next morning. Within two weeks times your eyelashes would have grown a considerable length. The difference would be visible quite clearly.


The second is, eyelash curling. For this you need to get an eye lash curler if you already don’t have one. It is available in every shop that sells beauty products of any sort. Eyelash curler as the name suggests curls your eyelashes upwards and makes them look longer. Here is one cheat trick for you, that you should use before using the eyelash curler. At first use the eyelash curler normally. Then use your blow dryer on the eyelash curler and warm it up a bit and then use this warmed up eyelash curler again over your eyelashes. This will make your eyelashes look longer and even more crowded.

Thirdly, Eyelash comb. Yes, there is a comb for eyelashes. It all sounds weird doesn’t it? Well there is a tiny little comb for the eyelashes. Get that and comb your eyelashes so that they do not get stuck together. Because if they do, then, the curling would not have that much of an effect. download (2)

Mascara, would be the fourth trick to getting perfect eyelashes. Yes Mascara is indeed very important. It is what makes your eyelashes look the way they do. No amount of curling can give you the look that a mascara can give you. The first and the very important step is to choose the right kind of mascara.mascara

The market is flooded with zillion different types of mascaras and it is up to you and you alone to make the choice. While buying the mascara, one thing you need to keep in mind is the kind of brush that comes with the mascara. Some brushes are fine and the others aren’t. The more expensive the mascara, the more fine the mascara and the brush. Sometimes Mascara is something one can go over- board with. Make sure you use the right type of mascara and know how to apply it. To give your eyelashes an extra appealing look apply it on the lower lashes too. Mascara should be such that it doesn’t look that it has been done on purpose. It should look natural.

The last step would be to use an eyeliner. Not a liquid eyeliner but a pencil eyeliner. Use it under your lids, it will make your eyelashes look thicker. You can also apply it on your eyelids. But the line which you are going to put should be very fine.


So here are some tricks and cheats that can make your eyelashes look longer than they actually are. So you don’t need to go and buy those fake eyelashes until or unless you want coloured eyelashes. Then again, that is your choice. So the next time you go out try these tricks and do not forget to oil them every night. Stay Beautiful.