Make the Most of your Free Time

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Sometimes the hustle and bustle of a hectic life deprives us from spending time doing the things we like to do.  The routines of life are almost fixed. Wake up; get dressed ; cook ; pack your meals and head to work. After an exhausting day at work ; all you can think of doing is unwinding while watching the television or doing some light reading ; spending some time with your family over dinner and then heading back to bed to get a good nights sleep. This is more or less the established routine for the weekdays. The thought of the week end or any holiday for that matter that is to come is what us sustains us and gives us energy even when we are totally drained both mentally and physically. The lure of the weekend is ubiquitous. It is a universal feeling. Just thinking about the weekend gives us a high.. While many people spend a lot of time thinking about the holidays; they hardly make any concrete plans. When the much awaited time to relax arrives ; well it just arrives and departs and often we feel that we have not relaxed as much as we wanted to. When we think of getting some work done ; even that gets left halfway. Why do the holidays rush past us so fast?  I can only quote R.L Stevenson but using his expression in different connotations :

“Faster than fairies; faster than witches”

There is something mysterious about the way time flies when we enjoy ourselves or when we no work to do. On a lighter note I personally always thought that the concept of relativity plays a vital role in robbing us off our precious free time. The concept of relativity states that everything is actually a varying quantity. For example your weight on Earth would be different from your weight on the moon. Even time is said to exhibit this strange property. It is much slower in outer space than on Earth. This relativity of time was most ingeniously portrayed in the movie ‘ Interstellar’. The director Nolan is known for his high level of thinking but he surpassed all his previous bests with this movie. Enough science ; back to reality… our free time often passes more quickly than working hours. Why is this so? Though we may like to blame science for this paradox ; it is our laziness and lack of proper planning that makes our holidays just whiz pass us within the batting of an eyelid. To make the most of your holidays follow the steps given below.

1. Start your day early :


Most of us like to sleep late into the mornings on our days off. By waking up late you are losing the precious hours of your day. When you wake up early the day just becomes longer. This is because though we wake up late ; we do not go to bed any later than our usual bed time. Some of us even take naps in the afternoon. Ultimately most of the time we are sleeping and hence cannot get anything done. So try to wake up early – you don’t have to rise before the sun ; atleast wake up closer at a time when the clock shows that its closer to the morning than to noon. Say around 8.30 or 9am. Just try this once and observe how much more time you have.
2. Make a to-do list :


We all have hobbies. Some of us would like to read a few books; or watch a few movies ;just cook a new dish ; play our favourite sport ;or probably do a little gardening. Some of us might just like to travel.

When you look at your calendar  and know that you are probably going to get a few days off write down what you would like to do. Do not just make a mental list – you will forget all about it before you get your days off. Write them down. If you wish to travel – make the necessary arrangements before hand. If you want to read buy the books or borrow them or atleast make a note of the titles.

If you want to just hang out with your friends call them and finalise your plan. Yes : just make a list of things you want to do and go about doing them.

3. Finish all urgent work first:


Finish all the boring work first; leave the pleasant tasks for later.If you have any pending official work ; finish it. DO NOT leave it for the last few hours before the next working day. For students I suggest that you finish all your home work as quickly as possible and enjoy the rest of the day or days. Do not leave any work undone. If you do it will always be on your mind and you will not be able to relax completely.

Once your work is done ; all you have to do is relax.. unwind and do whatever else you want to do.

Leave your work pressure at your workplace. Make your holidays do nothing days – or maybe just ‘do what you love’ days . With the holiday season drawing near keep all this in mind. Do not let these breaks just pass. As R.L Stevenson says , “Each a glimpse and gone for ever!”

Do not let them be just slip away from your midst that easily. Make your days count. Create memories. When we grow old we are more likely to think about  our holidays than our working days at the office. Spend your time wisely and you will go back to work feeling totally refreshed after a holiday.


I am a third year Electronics and Communication Engineering student with a passion for literature. I am an avid reader ;particularly fascinated by modern fiction . I love to pen short pieces about day to day occurrences.