How to make the monsoon memorable?

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Are you again told to sit at home because it is raining outside? If this monsoon is going to be the one spent inside the warm blanket lazily, you better wake up. It is a rainy day and this time it would be a mistake to ask it to come another day. So, are you still singing “Rain, rain, go away”?
Here are the fantastic four ways to feel the magical shower like never before.


“Innocent droplets of rain
Make almost all events
Quite natural.”


The ‘You’ Love

Is it the drizzle or the scent of the monsoon or the cold air or simply the darkness? I may not fall in love with the men out there but this weather is making me fall in love with itself so hard. Perhaps the coldness of Delhi’s air is required rather than the coldness of the human hearts in the so called ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’. So, where love fails to fulfil our existence, the clouds shower water and the cold breeze gives way to a new kind of love. The love with yourself which is going to last when every single soul is lost, making You lost as a result. Rains to me have always been symbolic of showering the positivity in the feeling of love. Hence, this is the time to get wet. Oh no, not that. So, go and explore yourself and fall in love like never before. You are as fresh as those drops of water on your window panel. Feel this energy and it is altogether a new world in front of you.

Forget the Rules for a while

I wonder about the flourishing effect of these droplets over the drenching relationships in the material world of ours these days. It seems to be a signal of the universe conspiring towards the success of the heart over the brain, celebrating the Dionysian over the Apollonian standards of living. So, here is the signal to forget the mundane order of the brain and follow the beat of your heart. Take a day off and do not sit at home. Instead, get drenched in the rain. Plan up an outdoor date and let the rains do the work. Have steaming food or maybe a good cup of coffee would be enough. Dance, sing or even cry but let it all out for a change. Basically, experience life under the magic spell of the droplets. The whole purpose is not to celebrate a weather condition but to find a reason to celebrate life instead. The small joys of life hold the most unadulterated happiness.


Be yourself but more importantly, be happy

What if the rain falling from upwards is rather the rain falling from our hearts, drenching our souls and breaking apart into pieces. A lot of people I know associate rains with defeat, loss and grief. I think we have enough reasons to be sad about already. So, let’s just find a happy reason or an excuse if you may like it to just balance out the odds. Isn’t the whole process of raining rejuvenating in itself? “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” It doesn’t matter if you sing in the rain or walk or cry, you cannot remain untouched by its magic. So years after from this day, it might be another land, unknown people or probably known being unknown in the same birth land but the magic of monsoon would always make you familiar with the happiness you started to associate with a few droplets of magic. It is just one attempt today to create a happier you, a happier us. So, do not just walk in the rain but get joyously drenched in it.
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Forget the past. Cherish the present. Live the future.

Just like the rains get over everything and give in return a new city, get over everything from the past. You have a cleaner future ahead. Meanwhile, lighten up and cherish the wet change. After all, change is the only constant of life. Just when the monsoon is over, you’ll be taken over by a new inner energy through the happiness you just conquered in the season. The future is going to be as lively as a Zumba dance session. Wash away the past and live for a pleasant future.

After seeing the monsoon through the lens above, I am sure this monsoon will be a memorable past one day which you will never want to wash away from the history of your life. You’ll be in love with yourself. You’ll finally do things you actually want to do. You’ll be completely happy. You’ll be hopeful for a brighter future.
Lastly, you’ll get soaked up in the magic.
See magic because trust me, you want to.

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