Man made Miracles

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Magic- Does it exist? This is a question that has occupied probably the whole of mankind since time immemorial. It has been some while since I have known the answer to this question,11 years now. It was right in front of me but I was very naïve not to have realised. Realisation dawned upon me a few days ago while I was browsing on Tumbler.

I came across this quote which goes like this ,”Books are proof that humans can create magic.”Yes, writers are wizards (In some cases, witches).”

They live in their own magical world and in the process of tangling emotions and words , they provide the rest of the world, a sneek- peak into their world.I was bought my first book at a time when I couldn’t read. My mother used to read out loud for me in bed. Time-passed and I grew up.

I learned the alphabet, started spelling words and formed sentences. She stopped reading out loud to me. instead I was the one who read out loud as she sat beside me. Those were pretty thin books with a maximum of 10-12 pages with beautiful pictures and more beautiful stories. Fairy tales.A particular book that has itself etched in my memory is ‘The Match Girl’. They say , “it takes one book for a person to fall in love with books.” For me, the Match Girl did the trick.

The story was morbidly fascinating to me and I would read it again and again. I’d read that book so many  times that I remembered what page contained what words and phrases. The Match Girl gave way to ‘The Blue Umbrella’ by Ruskin Bond, ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’by Mark Twain, ‘David Copperfield’by Robert Louis Stevenson and a few by Rabindranath tagore. ‘Hardy Boys’, ‘Nancy Drew’ and some of the chick flicks I found in my elder cousin’s library defined my childhood. Time passed. I grew up some more. I was 11 then. I read Jane Eyre by Chorlette Bronte.

That book transformed me.. I became a hopeless romantic but cynical and cold at the same time. Yes, I was a paradox. Since then, I have read that book 17 times. I fall in love with it even more every time I read it.
I turned 14. Started that phase when I read some books by Chetan Bhagat. I couldn’t really comprehend what the fuss around those books was all about. I am not stating that these books are bad. I feel no book is good or bad as books are expressions. And expressions are never good or bad. Expressions are just expressions.

The reason I couldn’t connect to the books by Chetan Bhagat can probably be associated with Jane Eyre. Well enough about jane Eyre now. By the time I had turned 15, I’d developed a love for thrillers and mysteries.I’d read all the books by  Sidney Sheldon. I was the only kid in my class to have read those. Other kids’ parents wouldn’t let them go close to them just yet. My father, on the other hand has always promoted  my  reading. He himself used to be and is a avid reader. I found all the Sidney Sheldon’s books in his library. Then we, me and my father bought in one go all the books my Dan Brown that were in the market then. There were four books. We’d read them in 10 days. I am not bragging, just saying.

Books have altered me in numerous unimaginable ways.Be it Jane Eyre, Scarlet Langdon, Scarlet o’Hara,Mr Darcy- or my most favourite renegade of all- Rhett butler, each character has inspired me in different ways. Some have taught me to be strong and determined while others have told me that at times it is good to have it loose. Robin Sharma, Shiv Khaira, Anne Frank, Ayn Rand, Raina Miller Rilke have in a very different way helped me in moulding myself into who I am today. Well, I’m not a person my parents will be proud of. But trust me, I’m not that bad.
The reader may be wondering that being a voracious reader from a young age, how I’ve not mentioned Harry Potter yet. Well some of the people I know say that I don’t have a childhood. Why? Because it was devoid of the legendary Harry Potter. I wasn’t a fan of fantasy back then. Now, as I’ve become an adult, I’ve this powerful urge to believe in magic and thus unlike most of the people, Harry Potter is a part of my adulthood. And I consider myself lucky  .
Books, well I’ve said so much about my relationship with books. Was the article not supposed to be general view?  Now, I’ll be honest. I am a girl who doesn’t really know  a lot of people. And from those I know, very few read. So I have not had a chance to know what other people feel about books. Had I indulged in writing about the general view, I might have not been able to do justice to something that I love so ardently. And I might not also  been able to meet the required word limit.I am not going to go further elaborate on how books take us us to a new reality from reality and are a man’s best friend and other cliches as these are already well known facts. Not that my book filled childhood is very interesting to read but I feel most of the readerswill connect with my detailed account. Atleast I hope so.Cheers! Happy Reading.