Mascara Matters!

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Mascara is surely one of those beauty products that play an important role in transforming the look of not just your eyes, but also your face as a whole. Using a few strokes of this product adds a different dimension to your natural and simple yet pretty look. Most important is the need to understand the way of applying the right mascara in the right way. After all anything used wrongly can cause a reversing and undesirable effect that will spoil the look.First of all go shopping for the mascara that suits you the best. Several factors need to be taken into consideration while applying this mascara. These include the types which are water proof, length illustrating or volume adding. Picking the right formula means half of the work is done.

You may also want to give a consideration to the cost you have to bear while buying one. It is advisable to prefer branded cosmetics compared with the local and cheap ones because the wrong types may affect your eyes. That does not mean splurging extensively will always guarantee the best outcome although it is true that they are generally having less clumping and last longer. It is a matter of your choice whether to get a good mascara from a drugstore at a decent price or spend extra dollars on a luxurious brand because it is hardly possible to distinguish between the two.




Next is you need to master the steps to apply the mascara efficiently. Care must be taken to avoid over application of the mascara at the outer ends of the lashes. It is a myth that more mascara at the tips makes your lashes look longer. Rather you need to concentrate on the part of the roots of your lashes, which is the key to give an effect of lengthened lashes. Start applying the mascara from the base of the lashes and move towards the tip in such a way that the lashes get separated as you move upwards curling them to make it look more beautiful. After you are done with this, check for any unwanted volume of mascara which may be removed by placing the applier at the base and pull them out as you keep your eyes closed. It is safer and neater to apply the mascara only at the top lashes. In case you need to make your eyes pop out more, you may have the bottom lashes as well but take care to use only light strokes. Avoid using other people’s mascara or testing from a sample bottle at a department store it may cause infection to your eyes. If you are not sure about how it will work on your eyes, you may utilize the store’s return facility wherein you may return the product after trying once and not finding it satisfactory.
Often the problem of clumping of the eye lashes comes into picture. The lash combs are one of the ways of avoiding such an issue. Beauticians and makeup artists especially find it very handy and make use of it to keep the lashes perfectly clump free and nicely separated. After application of the mascara at the base, pull the lash comb towards the tips of your lashes to get rid of the clumps. And if you find using an additional comb makes your work messier, opt for the method using your mascara stick. Take care that the volume of your mascara is according to your need. Over time the mascara liquid thickens which causes the clumping problem more often. Also maintain the sticks or spoolies as they are called and buy new ones if the ends get damaged over time.

Curling lashes makes your eyes the feel of being greater in width and makes it look prettier. An eyelash curler can be used for curling the lashes. Remember it is not an obligation that you have to use a curler to curl lashes before you put on mascara. They can be done well after mascara has been put on. All you need to take care of is that the mascara gets dry before the curling procedure. You can shop for some appropriate curlers for the same. You can also make use of a mascara primer to separate the lashes from each other prior to application of mascara but it needs to be done with more time in hand and carefully, yet it is a fruitful process which comes handy. In case for a party where you would want your eyes to really stand out, a trick is to apply one coat of lengthening mascara, after that put a coat of thickening mascara. Remove any excess volume. After all the procedure wait for a few seconds before blinking after you apply mascara as there may be black dots over your upper eye lids. Make sure you get rid of those marks if there is any of them visible to avoid a poor show of your makeup.


As far as the color is considered, black mascara is the usual color for most people around the world. Apart from the pitch black variety, there are slightly lighter shades that can be opted by people with light colored hair. A brown one can be used for everyday use by such users. If you are interested to experiment with your eyes you may try using purple, burgundy or blue mascara as well. Most importantly wear your mascara well after all it is the eyes that is the most expressive of all.