Massage Therapy

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Who does not want to use this therapy to their benefit? I mean massages are amazing, they are the best way to relax and de-stress, but most of all we all love being massaged. We live in a world, where significant part of the day claims to be spent in front of laptops or hours spent sitting on chairs at meetings and offices. This in turn puts a great amount of pressure on our back, lower back, shoulder blades and cervix. Many of us suffer from spondylitis, arthritis and osteoporosis thereby making the entire day an extremely uncomfortable and painful one. Massages may not directly cure these issues, but they do temporarily decrease it. Posture issues also enhance pain levels and this is when we do need proper spas to temporarily take care of the pain. Massage therapy is a big necessity for celebrities as well, Dr. Dot the celebrity masseuse has her hands full with Bruce Willis, Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, Simon Cowell and many more. The moral of the story is that massages become a necessity with a hectic schedule and lifestyle. So its time to spend the weekend at the spa and give your body and mind the much needed break. So here is a list of the benefits of the massage therapy.

1. Enhancing blood circulation

The most common and widely known fact is that massages increases blood circulation in the body. During the massage therapy all the tense, constricted and stiff muscles are loosened up by applying comfortable pressure on the body. This eases up the body and the muscular structure of the body. The process of applying pressure on the body is what enhances the blood circulation. Due to this the tissues and organs and muscles of the body receive enhanced levels of oxygen, since the massage improves the efficiency of the circulatory system. Due to improved levels of oxygen the impurities are removed efficiently from the tissues and that in turn reduces fatigue and blood pressure.
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2. Stress Reliever

Massages are considered to be one of the best ways to relieve stress. According to the 2005 study published in International Journal of Neuroscience, stated that women diagnosed with breast cancer, on receiving massage therapy three times a week showed reduced levels of stress and anger. Massages do not only reduce tensed body muscles but also eases the mind and reduces stress. In the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, it is stated that patients who suffered from depression and anxiety showed an improvement after being treated with massage therapy.
3. Reduces pain

Well this is another obvious benefit. Massages are known to reduce pain in the body. The pressure applied on the body increases circulation and eases up the tense muscles. Massages are known to be natural painkillers. It is particularly effective for the ones suffering from back aches, headaches and muscle pains. A 2011 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine proved that massages are the best medicine for healing chronic back pain.

4. Detoxifies

Massages rinse off all the toxins from the body, it is known to stimulate the lymphatic system and pushes out all the metabolic wastes.
5. Improves sleep cycle

Many of us suffer from sleepless nights or disturbed sleep. And sleep happens to be an essential criteria for good memory, improved immune system and overall good health. Massages work like magic and improves the sleep pattern, and regular massages leads to good and undisturbed sleep. According to a research done at the University of Warwick, infants who are massaged sleep better at night, do not cry as much and are much more relaxed than the ones who do not get massaged.

6.  Glowing skin is a guarantee

Massages improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands and the sweat glands. Thereby, making the skin cool, hydrated and clean.
7.  Reduces swelling near joints

Massages also help reduce swelling. When the pressure is applied in the area surrounding the swelling it can push back the fluids which are required in that area. But this can only be achieved with certain techniques and not all. This also automatically reduces the pain in the joints by lowering the swelling.

The best thing about this therapy is that we do not need to take a bunch of pills to control body pain, or sleeping pills to induce sleep. No artificial agent is required to maintain your health. Now, what can be better but to relax sipping on herbal tea and waiting for the massage to begin. Life and work will always be extremely hectic and almost brutal, but it is your call to make the necessary changes when you feel like you are being driven to a point where you need a break. So do not give up on yourself and your body, by thinking that relaxation is a myth. You need to be in the best condition to yield the best results in all the various spheres you participate in. So in order to achieve that you need to work on your mental well being. So, it is time to book the spa for a day of relaxing and fun and comfort.