What Meditation Actually is

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When we think about meditation, we think of someone sitting in lotus pose and experiencing pure nirvana or whatever that may be. We already know from scientific research that there are so many benefits of meditation but not just through science but through our own personal experience. It helps us in reducing blood pressure, feeling happier, curing depression and so many other amazing benefits. People start to feel calmer. It reduces anxiety, stress and panic attacks. But the main question here is – What is meditation and how do we go about doing it? For many people, meditation is silencing the mind, to think or to care. We have to know that everyone is different and whatever you are doing that is bringing you peace of mind and happiness then just continue it. I am not here to tell you what to do because it is all about becoming your own “Guru”.


Its not about following anybody. Its about sharing with one another. Meditation is actually Total Body Awareness. We just have to loose our minds and come to our senses. We have to reconnect back to our breath and then to our spirit. Once you are disconnected from your breathing then you are disconnected from the source. That is why right here in the matrix, the main aim is to take your breath away. You walk down the streets, people are smoking cigarettes and there is pollution everywhere so we have to place ourselves in the right environment to begin meditating. Somewhere, where we can tune our senses and plant our feet in mother nature. Meditation is about absorbing yourself in the moment. It is about allowing thoughts and emotions to come through you without judgment. Its about developing a hundred percent awareness in every single cell of your body without passing any judgment. It is not about pushing away thoughts we don’t want. Many of us, when we try to meditate, that is the time when we have all types of dirty thoughts but we just have to let these experiences flow through us and try not to fight with them.


You just have to feel free in your whole body. The best way to meditate is to move the body. Just Dance. Because the body is the unconscious mind that is why children are so free. They are running and jumping all over the place because they are not living in their minds. They are living in their bodies a hundred percent. Look at the animals like cats and dogs which are pure sensation and sensitivity. They embody what many of us are striving for. The problem with the search is that we just have to go outside ourselves to find something. Many of us are searching someone to save us through meditation. But the thing we should realize is that we are the ones we are waiting for.


A great way to meditate is also becoming grounded. That is why you see many people in a lotus or lying pose. There are many other different poses in Yoga. They ground themselves and breath deep from the diaphragm. We have to really become aware of the importance of breath and deep breathing. There is a famous rule of – Breathe in for 4, hold for 4 and release for 4. Even if you just focus on exhaling, you will find that you have deeper inhalations. This whole process will surely leave you smiling for the whole day.


Another great way to meditate is to have fun. A lot of us are so serious all the time. WE have to loosen up and we can do this by becoming aware of how tight or loose our muscles are. By reducing muscular tension, we can reduce panic attacks and anxiety. We have to become aware with the grace of our movement because that is meditation. Total Body Awareness. It is all about absorbing yourself in the present moment and not worrying about the past or the future. It is all about understanding the power of now. Its not about searching for bliss but becoming neutral. Its about being comfortable in the void because in the void we find our greatest power. WE can see what is happening on the planet and its distractions which is putting many of us under its spell. But we have to take a hundred percent responsibility for us. That’s what meditation is. We have to become alchemist. The secret of alchemy is making the best out of the worst. You should not allow the external events to govern your internal condition.


Many of us, when we think about meditation, we think of controlling thoughts. But actually its about embracing your shadow side, embracing your bright side and merging the two together until they become one. To become our body, we must become sensitive to our body and we do this by eating beautiful plant based foods which are natural and organic. All of this helps us to meditate and let go of our minds. The sensitivity begins on your plate. It is hard to be sensitive when your food was killed in an insensitive way. We have to bring back the healing in every area of our life. That is pure meditation. So, eat healthy, laugh, dance, stay calm and relax yourself.