Doing Mental Workout: Why and How?

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Many people especially students found themselves indulging deeper and deeper in extra activities these days. We have realized that to achieve something bigger, we cannot remain confined solely to our textbooks. We need that extra knowledge to ace that entrance exam, to clear that interview, to increase our IQ, and to be a bit smarter in our lives. For this, you need to go a bit deeper than obvious. By inculcating few habits in your schedule, you can really shine.

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High IQ is that trait of yours which can take you to the sky. No one is a born Einstein, probably Einstein himself was not. We need to do that continuous mental exercise to be smarter and witty. But science experiments and mathematics problems are not the only option for that. Crosswords are a wonderful option too. They make you think and bring your grey matter to work. And as scientists say, thinking is that creative and fruitful activity which really helps us in transforming ourselves. I know, there are pretty good chances that majority of us have tried our hands at crossword sometimes in our lives. But either we had left it in midway losing all hope or completing one must have been enough. Very Few people practice these games. Whenever our vacations are approaching, or a new year is about to begin or we start feeling the need of a change, we are always stuck to physical workouts. Why don’t we feel the need of a mental workout? Smartness and good IQ are not the need of studious once only. We all should have a sound logical ability. A great mental ability helping to top in exams is one thing and making daily life easier is another. And the latter is a far more important aspect. The fact that not all of us can solve a Rubik’s cube is one indicator that we know that we are lacking and we still overlook it.

The Scramble is not only a child’s play. Everyone can and should play this game during leisure to tune their mind. That game section in your newspaper especially Sudoku should be attempted daily. You may not be able to solve it entirely but keep doing anyways. After and year or so, introspect yourselves that how much you have improvised. You will be glad to see a noteworthy improvement in you. Being better at such small things will collectively make you better for something bigger in life.

When the topic of fun games which increases our IQ is going on, how can one forget to mention about Chess? I know so many people around me from all age groups, and hardly 3-4% of them play Chess on a regular basis. Perhaps this is because of the general tendency of Human Beings that we give up many things which we fail to win. Not having a partner for chess is a lame excuse as you can obviously play it online. Such stuff is a must do for college students. Not only it makes them brighter, it also increases their IQ, thinking power and concentration which is very helpful in cracking the entrance exam.


There are so many ideas flooding the internet these days with catchy names like ’10 DIY life hacks’; ’20 things that can make your life easier’. Going through them you will realize that they are nothing but pictures showing remarkable creativity. One of them which I really liked was the idea of sticking a paper clip to the end of a cello tape. This way you will never have to struggle in finding the corner of tape.

draft 1.1

I liked the simplicity and the usefulness of this trick and I wondered why such a simple thing, have never crossed my mind in spite of the fact that I have been using both cello tape and paper clip since years.

life hack3

After going through them, I have pondered always that how beautiful are the minds that have been behind it.

We care so much about our looks. We know very well but still we tend to ignore the fact that beauty fades with time wherever wisdom grows and prospers. The importance of physical health is a very important concern too. But practicing mental exercises is equally helpful in long run as well. It makes lot of tasks easier. For example, all those text materials that you grasped after reading it 4 times, will now become clear on just reading it twice. Applying lesser strain brains will result in better results. People who wish to take this a bit more seriously must also try their hands at logical reasoning questions, riddles, online IQ tests etc.

Meditation is another must do. Not only it gives us calm and spiritual thoughtfulness but our concentration power also gets increased manifold. Chances of sinking into depression gets significantly reduced and we feel like full of enthusiasm.



Our mind is a great asset to invest in. People sticking to regular fitness exercises are also mentally sharper as compared to others who do not indulge in such activities because physical workouts results in increase of oxygen flow to our brain. Physical workouts also result in a significant increase in the amount of endorphins (hormone responsible for feeling good).

By practicing mental workouts daily, one can attain control over their mind with time. By this I meant that a mentally fit person tends to get nervous less when he is overburdened. Such traits are not only hereditary and we all can inculcate these in ourselves with time. Tension, depression, mood swings and irritation results when we are unable to face a solution.


Experts claim that paying attention to mental health is very beneficial in the long run. One who gives attention to such things from young age; suffer less from weak memory later on. And it sounds pretty obvious too. Nothing in the word can be more irritating than trying very hard to recall something, some impressions related to it start coming in your mind but the name refuses to come at your tongue!

So get working now, and what can be the best time to start other than the New Year? In your list of New Year resolutions, add this one too and make sure you implement this!

Sagarika Taneja is a Chemistry honours student at University of Delhi. She is passionate about science and writing. A true nature lover by heart, she loves to write on environmental topics and health related stuff the most.