Mind Power – Total Power

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Have you ever wondered why people believe so much in the power of positive thinking?

Why so many people feel that the power of the mind is superior than anything else in the world?












Keep all the Godmen aside; and still you will find so many people who believe in the power of the human mind. Not as a deity, but as a force which helps them shed their inhibitions and go out there in the free world- as confident souls.

Well, before I start let me make it clear that I am in no way preaching about anything. Nor am I telling you some holy philosophy. What I would be sharing with you is just some logic combined with the basic fundamentals that all of us think we know about-like will power, meditation and belief in your own self. Also, for a while keep all your spiritual inclinations aside. You may be a firm believer in God or maybe you are an atheist. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how you feel about yourself; that is what will decide the power of your mind.













To begin with, let’s talk about meditation. It is something that, if done properly, will give you a total peace of mind. Power dwells when the mind is peaceful. And the devil dwells when the mind is empty. Meditation does not mean that you have to omit all the thoughts from your mind; it means that you should channelize all your energy towards your own body. It is scientifically proven that people who meditate regularly are found to be more successful in life.

While meditation gives you a peace of mind, will-power gives you the strength to overcome all your obstacles and emerge victorious. Throughout the world there have been many instances where people have overcome the most fatal of the diseases because of their willpower. I am not in any way disregarding the importance of the field of medicine, but what I wish to imply is that the mind and the body function in co-operation. If your mind is powerful, it adds strength to your body too.

The next is belief in your own self. If you do not believe in what yourself and in what you do, how will you ever accomplish the task you started? From where will you get the energy, the driving force to begin your work whole heartedly?

The Power of the mind is closely related to how positively you see things. In the book – ‘100 Minutes that will Change the way you live’, Author Dr. L. Prakash narrates an incident where he realized the difference between the attitudes of people with a positive and a negative attitude.

Here’s the incident in the words of Dr. Prakash himself;

A leading shoe manufacturer in America decided to expand its operation to Hawaii. The population was 5 million and the market appeared tremendous. However, the first sales person who was sent in panicked. He flew back the next day, and with a long face conveyed his disappointment: “the place is full of undeveloped savages who do not wear shoes. We have no hopes at all!”. The management did not want to give up so soon and sent another man. This chap sent a cable the next day: “5 million customers ready and waiting. Please rush stocks immediately.”

Where the first salesman saw despondency and gloom, the second chap saw opportunities. 

It all depends on the outlook of the viewer. It is a fact that things remain as they are, whether you like them or not. A survivor would adapt, change and move ahead, while a loser would crib and moan.

I would interpret the incident as a lesson that needs to be understood by everyone. There are different applications for the power of your Mind; a survivor knows the right time to apply them. A survivor who understands the power of his Mind accepts the things that he cannot change happily, but that does not mean that he adjusts just for the sake that he doesn’t rebel. NO. Power of your mind is to understand when to rebel and when to accept.








I had mentioned earlier that there are many techniques even in the contemporary field of medicine and overall wellness that take into account the importance of mind-power. These techniques are built on the base named “The Power of the Mind” . Mind-power forms the base, essence and the soul of these techniques.

1. Yoga – it takes help from the various different types of breathing techniques and postures and combines it in such a way that it leads to peace of mind. A mind that is calm and peaceful has a greater potential to create power

2. Alternative healing techniques like Reiki and Pranic Healing- these healing techniques use the aura of the human body and with the help of the power of the mind heal all the problems from the body. It is basically a technique that makes you believe about your own wellness and health and through proper scientific techniques, make you healthy.

3. The entire base of the science of psychology and hypnotism- psychology is the science of the functions of the mind that lead to internal and external behavior of a person. Hypnotism is a science that talks about the different levels of conscious that are present in your mind.

So, as I said earlier, the Power of the mind is not something preachy or godly. It is pure science. Believe in it and I am sure you will create miracles!