Money-Saving Tips for Youngsters

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Doesn’t it feel embarrassing when an elder brother or sister gifts you something really expensive and all you can give is the same old set of China or garments or a book or whatever else, that too, borrowed from your parents? Or think about those times when you have a really awesome “special friend” who happens to be rich and has super rich friends. Or when you wish you could have paid the electricity bill, or at least the bill of your dongle.  And nothing is more embarrassing than settling for window shopping when your whole gang seems to have bought something or the other.

And then there are people who never feel any pinch in their pockets. And talk about saving money.

But how can you save enough money while having indulgences of your own? Read on to know more about some really inventive ways to save and, make money even while you’re still in school…

1. Walking/Cycling.


I cannot emphasize this enough, but, walking is good for you. In case of really short distances, walk or cycle. And if you have enough time take a bus. And if you’re really desperate to save money, schedule your lifestyle according to bus timings. Try avoiding expensive modes of transport such as air-conditioned buses and taxis or just cabs in general.

2. Affordable fashion.

affordable fashion

Next up is the issue of satiating your fashion needs. There’s nothing better than street shopping. NOTHING. And the best part is, none can distinguish “branded” clothes and jewellery from “non-branded” ones. Plus, accessories bought from the street shops have designs that are just Out. Of. The World. And often nice shopkeepers offer greater “discounts” if you buy many items together. Same with books, bags, mobile phone covers and anything else that is available for higher prices elsewhere. And don’t always fall for shopping sites and their apparent cheap prices.

3. Cheap/Not-too-expensive gadgets.


Then there are the flashy gadgets. This could have been put in the above category but flashy gadgets seem to be the ultimate determinant of social status and all sorts of statuses in general. Just so you know, there are really awesome flea markets where the same expensive iPhones and all other electronic gadgets are sold at half the price, minus a few features. Now you might feel awkward and cheap for buying like this but hey, it’s you who chose to keep “up” your “social status” among your peer groups. You don’t really use all the features of your phone, but always remember, your friends aren’t gonna check whether you have ‘em all or not. In case they do check, I suggest you go on and burn a hole in your pockets.

4. Cheap/Not-too-pricy places for regular care.


If you’re into a lot of beauty treatments and visit high-end places just for a haircut, I say you stop it. Nothing’s gonna happen if you try out homemade stuff or drop unnecessary treatments altogether. You don’t need to visit somewhere fancy just for a haircut or shave.

5. Food.


Ah, the bliss of eating out to your heart’s content! With multi-cuisine and specialty restaurants expanding more than ever, it’s only natural that you would want to experiment. Plus there are still so many things left to eat! So what do you do to satiate and save at the same time? I suggest you have a cheat day twice a month. That might not sound like enough, but when you’re trying to save money, you have just got to control. In case your outings are frequent, try sharing street food with your buddies. But if you’re a lone wolf, look for options that takes care of your hunger pangs and is easy on your pockets as well. Perhaps a small bowl of sprouts or some warm beverage with a chicken sandwich could replace your super deluxe sandwich.

6. Internships.


All this was about saving money. But how to replenish your depleting coffers? Try getting a part time job or maybe landing an internship online or on site. Online ones are more convenient if you’re busy, otherwise you can apply to ones where you have to actually go to an office. You start early, get paid early. There are hosts of sites creating Wikipedias of internships. Just go through them. Most of them offer pay and in some cases, a certificate as well. And if nothing else works, go all retro and tutor someone.

7. Bank account.


Now this one’s really important. In order to save your money, you need a bank account. So make sure you have one before pursuing higher education. Always know about the full information regarding the facilities you’re gonna get from opening an account with a given bank. Compare the facilities and charges as well. It’s going to be extra helpful when you’re gonna get paid through online banking.

8. Online selling of old and unused articles.


Last but not the least, look around for things in your house that are in really good condition. If so, then try selling them. Perhaps an old bicycle which is too small for you, but big enough for the neighbor’s kid. Or that old MP3 Player which you find outdated, but cool enough for your friend’s little sister. Thanks to sites like eBay and Quikr, buying and selling isn’t that big a problem anymore! Oh, did I mention about selling old newspapers? It may not be that much, but it obviously is SOMETHING!

Money troubles may not be everyone’s long-term friend, but there are people out there struggling to make ends meet. Follow these above mentioned tips if you don’t want to stay home and save the cost of transportation at the end of the month, just because you’ve run through your savings.





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