Monsoon hair care

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With monsoon clouds looming over, who can resist a quick dance in the rain? Irrespective of how old you are, you can feel the child inside you, wanting to come out and splash into a puddle. So should you stop yourself from the rare glorious moments of sheer joy of being a child again and go out with your friends and get drenched? The only catch with this wet and damp weather starts surfacing after a few days. Specially for the ladies, it begins with hair problems. Out of the blue your hair either feels too frizzy or too damp, and that is essentially because of changing weather patterns which in turn causes a change in your hair textures. We love this season because it is perfect for a cup of cappuccino and a good book and great music, so in order to maintain good hair conditions it will be better for all us, specially the ones with long hair, to remain indoors and enjoy the view. I know that may sound extremely boring to most of you, but believe me, rain water is not the best thing for your hair.

1. Avoid the drizzle and stay dry
It may sound downright harsh girls, but it is true. Rain water is harmful for your long tresses. The monsoon is known to effect your skin, making it dry and hair conditions to a great extent. With excessive humidity levels it harms your hair. Rain water is known to contain certain acids, which even in small amounts has the capacity to strip your hair off it’s outer cover thereby making it rough, brittle and prone to dryness. During this season a major increase in hair fall is common, so please do not freak out when you see two hundred strands instead of the usual fifty. Another feature that adds on to the hair fall problem is dandruff, that just worsens the entire problem because dandruff makes your hair even more dry. So, keep it in mind to dry your hair and do not ever comb your hair when it is wet, that just increases hair tear.  Therefore, girls umbrellas are a necessity!
2. Shampoo regime

Shampoo is a major concern for all women, since it does take time to figure out which one works best for your hair type. And since Monsoon has a tendency of making your hair dry, it is therefore essential to use a moisturising shampoo, though not too much, a mild one that will help keep the strands soft and moist. The other important thing is to shampoo at least twice a week, so as to minimise hair woes. Make sure to take a bath every time you get wet in the rain, because excessive exposure to rain water causes itchy scalp and can lead to bacterial or fungal infection in your hair follicles.

3. Oil Massage

Oil massage will be an obvious requirement when we have dry hair problems. However, some of us have extremely oily scalp and hair, and for them it is a strict no no. In which case only a mild shampoo and regular conditioning should be enough. However, for the others, oil massages will only benefit you and it will make your hair shiny and healthy. Oil massages revives the scalp by increasing blood circulation and the oil moistens the follicles and the strand and in turn makes it shiny.

4. Bye bye hair products 

The most important thing to understand is that hair is damaged by all hair products because of the amount of chemicals they contain. Therefore, mild or not it still has an effect on your tresses. And when you already have such a weather playing tricks with your asset, it is best to lay off the sprays and gels, at least for this season. Even the mild hair products contain harmful chemicals and specially the ones for dandruff can really damage your hair, so try and stick to home remedies for reducing dandruff. Also, avoid tying your hair tightly, since it traps rain water in your hair follicles, and leads to fungal infections. Avoid styling your hair for a month, since styling and drizzle combined together can harm your hair to a great extent.
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5. Diet manipulation

Protein is the essential requirement for your hair, so if you want healthy and strong hair, maintain a protein rich diet. This will only add to the shine and flow and reduce the number of bad hair days. The other important elixir is water, keep hydrating regularly to better maintain your hair.
So now that you have all the essential points to protect your hair for monsoon’s attacks, it is time to stock up on all the umbrellas and water proof hoodie to keep it and dry and healthy. Also, use the wide toothed de-tangling comb to avoid hair fall and knots. Last but not the least, all you have to do is keep your hair covered, but that does not really stop you from being a kid and splashing in puddles, I mean you can carry an umbrella and dance in the rain or even wear a shower cap and fool around with your friends, point is if there is a will there is a way.