Motivation is the key

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Motivation is the kind of boost that is needed by everyone at some point of time in order to get going and not give up in this highly stressful and competitive world. Life, as we know it, can become pretty taxing as you are engaged in a constant battle to survive and excel in this maddening rat race. Lose focus once and you are out of the race. There is pressure to perform and deliver on every individual. Pressure to face the challenge after challenge and come out victorious. Whether it is an employee who is working his ass off in hope of a promotion, a newly wed housewife who is working to get things right and be accepted by her new family, a sportsman who is representing his/her country in front of the entire world, or even a graduation student who is working hard to shape up his/her future, everyone is under constant pressure to do good, against all the odds. It is never a smooth ride to the top; in fact there are way too many bumps all along the way. And this is where the magic of motivation comes into play. Motivation is what helps the person to make that extra effort and cross these hurdles/bumps, motivation is what keeps the person on the right track even when you know that it will not be a smooth journey, it’s the voice in our heads that makes sure that we keep moving forward.


Now, motivation itself is of two kinds: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is the situation when people are self-motivated to perform. They know where they want to be and are willing to put in all the hard work and effort to reach there. They are so determined in their actions and clear in their mind that they don’t need anybody else to motivate or encourage them. Well it does sound strong and good but is not the common scenario. We are all humans and we have feelings and we all tend to get disheartened soon. Most of us need some external boost from time to time in order to keep moving forward. We need somebody to encourage us, to guide us in the right direction. This is what is known as extrinsic motivation.
In life, however, none of these two techniques can work single handedly to help us achieve the desired results. They both need to work together; one needs to be motivated intrinsically as well as extrinsically for the most effective results. A simple example to explain this point will be the scenario of a cricket match. Imagine a batsman who is a little low on confidence due to maybe his poor performance in his earlier match has just come out to bat. Now when he hits a perfect cover drive for four runs, he gains confidence. He starts becoming more and more confident and self-motivated after few more of such shots and this is reflected in the remainder of his innings in terms of his posture and shot selection. This is intrinsic motivation. Similarly now imagine that with every boundary he hits, the crowd goes ballistic and starts cheering him up and chanting his name. This will encourage him more and give a boost to his performance. This is the case of extrinsic motivation. So with the combination of both the two, the chances of better results are more likely and in such a way you never lose the will to perform and keep moving forward.


On the other hand demotivating someone or demoralizing someone constantly can prove disastrous for that person and can lead to failure and unwanted results. Not only does the person lose focus but can permanently damage someone’s sense of confidence leading to disastrous results. De-motivation is what aids depression and takes away your willingness to work.You start feeling helpless and irritated, your performance graph takes a sharp negative turn and you slowly start moving into an isolation zone where nothing seems good enough and even thought of happiness starts to fade away.
So make sure you don’t crush those around you by demotivating them or demoralizing them. Don’t be a miser when it comes to praise – notice and appreciate people around you. Remember that everyone is doing the best they can with the hand that’s been dealt to them, everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. And this world could definitely do with less negativity and more positivity. So make it a habit to always motivate those around you as well as stay motivated to work hard yourself. If you yourself are motivated enough, only then you can motivate others to keep going too. So don’t just sit around doing nothing. Make things happen for yourself as well as for others around you. Stays focused in life and keep moving forward towards your dreams; never give up. And along the way encourage others to do better and help them stay on the right path that leads towards their dreams and not away from it. remember, people will forget everything but they will never forget how you made them feel. So make it a point to spread happiness, joy and, above all, motivation around you!