Moving Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

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Most of us are constantly complaining about having excess weight in all the wrong places. We are forever worrying about losing weight but never do we worry about being healthy. We need to understand that excess weight or no, the most important part of life is being fit and having a healthy, active body. Staying fit is not as difficult as you may think it to be. You would be surprised to know how just a few, little modifications in your lifestyle can lead to an improved and healthier you. Even if you lack the time or dedication for taking up proper fitness courses, you can definitely follow some simple steps that are super effective as well.


And once you incorporate all these steps into your daily routine, not only will you notice a significant improvement in your health but your mind and body will become more alert and active as well. Trust me, if you follow these simple steps regularly you will feel fitter, healthier and extremely light on your feet as well. So read on –
1. Start with proper eating habits. Avoid junk food as much as possible and avoid missing meals as well. All doctors agree that the worst habit one can have, from a health point of view, is skipping meals. Try to eat in smaller quantities and at regular small intervals instead of having large, heavy meals after long intervals. This helps in better digestion of food and thus keeps you healthy and full of energy throughout the day as well.
2. Get at least six hours of sound sleep, if not eight. We undermine the importance of a good night’s rest – regular, proper sleep can solve more than half of your problems.
3. Avoid taking escalators and elevators, instead take stairs wherever possible. Moving up and down the stairs is an effective way to burn some calories in the day to day life. This also keeps your joints healthy – you will realize the importance of this in your old age.
4. While sitting on the computer for long hours, pause at regular intervals and close your eyes for a while. This will give you instant relief and will help you work longer. Also roll your eyes clockwise and then anticlockwise for about 2-3 minutes every day as it relaxes your eye muscles and makes them stronger.
5. Avoid using a vehicle if you need to go to a nearby market or any other place which is walkable distance away. Walk as much as you can. If you cannot take out much extra time just for walking then start slow. Take out just half an hour for a morning walk at least 5 days a week. You will notice the difference it makes and eventually you will develop this habit of walking.
6. Switch to natural fruit juice from canned juice box. Anything that uses preservatives is not 100% good for the body. So try having more natural stuff instead.

7. There are simple exercises that you should do whenever you are at home. Try sitting on your legs, especially after your meals, as this helps in digestion. Don’t lie down on your bed and watch television, instead sit in this folded legs pose and watch it or otherwise even the crossed legs position is good enough. Alternate between these two positions as you get tired of any particular one. This way a simple daily activity of watching television can be turned into a healthier activity.

8. Go to a dentist at least every 3 months to get a complete checkup and a proper cleaning as well. Don’t be lazy if you love your teeth and set an alarm on your phone as that is the best way to remember something like this. After all we all want strong white teeth, don’t we?

9. Try to keep a sanitizer handy. Its antiseptic properties help you stay germ-free as much as possible. And don’t just keep it in your purse or your car; make it a habit to use it when required too.

10. Don’t let your domestic help do all your work for you. Take things in your hands once in a while. Wash your car, clean/redecorate your room, go to the kitchen and make something to eat, the more the better. No activity is harmful. The more active you stay, the healthier your body will feel.

11. Keep moving your body parts. Do not sit in any particular position for a long time. Make sure too keep moving here and there in between, or if that is not possible then just keep moving your arms, legs, your head in between to help your muscles remain active.

12. The first thing that you should do when you wake up is to drink at least two classes of mild water, without even brushing your teeth first. The reason behind this being that the saliva that is collected in the mouth at night when we are fast asleep is full of vitamins. These vitamins are very good for the body and so with the water intake in the morning you intake these essential vitamins as well.