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Recently, scientific studies have attempted to measure the potential benefits of music and they have come up with the following:

Music’s form and structure can bring order and security to disabled and distressed children by encouraging coordination and communication and thus, improving their quality of life. We all know that children face many problems which often remain unheard or are treated as unimportant. What about a child who has had a rough day at school due to whatever reason. The reason does not matter. What matters is that he had a rough day and he is not in a very comforting mood which needs to be taken care of. After all they are small kids. You cannot always explain to them every single thing they come across in life because they may not have the mental intake capacity to understand every thing.


Listening to music on headphones reduces stress and anxiety in hospital patients before and after surgery. We know that patients are always in a very vulnerable mental state and are constantly worrying about the before and after effects of their respective treatments. This particularly happens with elderly people. Now, we always cannot provide them with pills or injections in order to reduce their anxiety and excitement. What if we have a patient who can be vulnerable to an anti-anxiety medicine? Thus, music always remains a good choice of treatment for these kinds of situations. You do not have to turn on the radio or the stereo loud and disturb the other patients who are in no need of music right at that moment. You could always use headphones. I say they are a better choice anytime.

Music can help reduce both the sensation and distress of both chronic pain and postoperative pain. Being a girl, I have my monthly menstrual process and believe me, it aches! It sometime aches so terribly bad that it makes me cry and I start getting all fidgety and restless. What do I do right at that moment in order to calm myself is just listen to music, lying down on my bed. What happens is, you feel much of the pain because you are constantly concentrating on the pain, wanting it to go away. Music distracts our mind into the harmony of it and we are, after some time, transported into a completely different world of tunes and notes, calming our mind. And after a while, we tend to feel a lot better than how we were previously.

Making music can reduce burnout and improve mood among nursing students. Every one might not be aware of the situation nursing students are always into. They need to take care of almost everything starting from medicines to equipments and instruments and from the regular medicines that are supposed to be given to their patients to the most of the specific times when they are supposed to be given. All of this, ultimately stresses them out to a large extent. It helps them not being so much afraid from the responsibilities they take on themselves.

Music therapy significantly reduces emotional distress and boosts equal quality of life among adult cancer patients. It is true that music cannot cure cancer. But it always helps the mind of the patient and keeps them in a pretty good mood and away from all the daily worries and distress. And if the mind remains healthy then who knows, it may even in turn start affecting the body in any possible positive manner.


Because music has the potential to influence us both psychologically and physiologically, it is an important area of therapy and stress management. Scientists say that music therapy can make use of biofeedback, guided imagery and other established techniques to play an important role in the treatment of people with stress related disorders. But due to the dramatic effects that music can have, a trained and knowledgeable music therapist is always required. Music may help people in identifying and express feelings associated with their stress. Generally in a music therapy session, the client expresses these emotions which provide an important cathartic release. Producing music in an improvisational way, and discussing pieces of music and lyrics in a group, can also help us in becoming more aware of our emotional reactions and share them constructively with the group.

One of the main reasons why people remain stressed and depressed is that they have a problem in expressing what they feel. These kinds of people are generally termed as introverts. Now, if worries start to pile up in bundles, people are generally led into a state of depression. And sometimes you just cannot talk it out of a person the normal way. Some cases are meant to be treated very critically and with a lot of care. Thus, this kind of music therapy is always advisable. First, the person needs to get rid of his or her excitement or in other words, he needs to be calm, which we already know by now that music has the proper capability to do. After that, it will be easier for the person to open up for better.