They Must Be Genius- “Scientific” Superstitions

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The world in twenty first century works in a whole different way than how it did a few decades ago. Since the last century the people have evolved to become much sophisticated beings that live their lives their own way and believe in the things only logical reasoning and science can be held account for. The illogical beliefs and age old superstitions seem to have no roles to play in this modern world of technological advancements. The million theories and ideas our ancestors believed in and preached about are beginning to lose their significance in the lives of the educated younger generation who questions every custom and ritual instead of blindly following it. But were all that they said just meaningless superstitions which should be completely discarded or they were more than that? Can there be some science behind it all? Think for yourself while here are a few common rituals which are much more than you thought.

Throwing coins in a river

throwing coin in river

A popular Hindu custom of throwing currency coins into a river is supposed to bring good luck and fortune in the lives of those who practice it. But the act of throwing coins in a sacred river in order to invite prosperity isn’t just restricted to the Indian Lands as the tradition can also be seen followed in cities like Mexico and Rome. But how is a coin in the river supposed to bring us wealth. In fact what good can it to do to us at all? The scientific reason behind this custom says that in ancient times the coins were made of copper which is a vital element required by our body. And since rivers were the only source of drinking water then, throwing coins as a ritual ensured that people got their requirement of copper through the river water.

Wearing a Toe Ring

wearing toe ring

Particularly in India, a lot of women are seen wearing toe-rings which usually signifies that they are married but is this just a custom that is being followed since ages? Not really. according to the custom the toe rings are usually worn in the second toe which also has a certain nerve of our body which connects the uterus and the heart. Science says that wearing a toe ring over that nerve helps in regulating the blood flow and the menstrual cycle which is extremely healthy for the female body.

Ringing bell in a temple

ringing bell in a temple

A large bell (ghanti) is something which is common in every Hindu temple while a number of Jain and Buddhist temples also have bells hung from the ceiling which the visitor has to ring the moment he steps inside. What does this bell really signifies? The scientific reason behind ringing of a bell in a religious place is that the ringing of bell clears the mind and helps the person concentrate and devote himself in the prayer. Also, the sound produced by the bell creates a unity in our brain while the echo of it activates all the seven healing centers in our body.

Worshiping Peepal Tree

worshipping peepal tree

Though it may sound strange to many but worshiping tree is a rather common practice in India. Especially when it comes to Peepal tree, people pray to it and perform different kinds of religious acts. Interesting enough the tree isn’t of much use to the man since it neither bears a tasty fruit nor its wood is strong enough to be used for furniture or other purposes. But our ancestors primarily stressed upon preserving the Peepal Tree because of its unique property of releasing oxygen even at night. In order to make sure that the mankind doesn’t destroy it, the gods were involved and it was turned into a religious practice.

Eating on the floor with crossed legs

sitting with crossed legs

We usually associate the idea of dining with an arrangement of chairs around a dining table where the food is kept while everyone gets seated in the chairs. But then, why still a large number of people like eating on the floor with crossed legs? The reason is more medical than you thought. One of the many postures or “aasanas” in yoga is “Sukhasan” which is regarding sitting. While a person is in “Sukhasan” and having a meal, the circulatory system of the body solely focuses on the digestive system making it easier for the body to digest food. On the other hand, while standing or sitting on a chair with our legs dangling the body cannot entirely focus upon digestion. That’s why it is advised to eat meals sitting on a floor.

Not sleeping with head facing north

not sleeping in the north direction

Myths might tell you that sleeping in a direction where your head points towards north invites ghosts and unwanted spirits. But according to science the real reason behind this theory is our body’s magnetic field and not some ghost issues. A human body has its own magnetic field while the Earth also has a magnetic field. When a person sleeps with head pointing towards north both the magnetic fields become asymmetrical relative to each other. This can be a reason behind certain health issues like blood pressure since now the heart has to do some extra work while overcoming this.

So next time you find a group of people practicing some strange rituals instead of blindly following them or bashing them completely try finding the science behind it. We might not want to believe it but our ancestors must be real geniuses!

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