Make-up Bag Must Have

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Everyone wants to look the best, be confident and beautiful. It is often said that ´makeup doesn´t make you beautiful but a smile is what that makes you beautiful!´ but the reality contradicts the statement. Life is too boring to look unimpressive. Bringing a new version of yourself will make you even more confident and happy and that is what a makeup does. It is essential that you carry a makeup bag with you wherever you go to be beautiful and confident. Here are the essentials that you can carry to make yourself prettier.



Foundation makes your face appear smooth and light colored. It evens your complexion and makes your skin look flawless. Perhaps a liquid foundation or a cream foundation be used depending on the requirement that is if you need a thick coating on your face a cream foundation is preferred. It hides the scars and roughness of your skin. If your skin is oily use an oil-free foundation.


under eye concealer

Concealers are mostly used to cover up the dark circles around the eyes and they also brighten up your face. Use a concealer of shade a little lighten than your skin tone. Concealer is used to hide pimples and acne.



This prevents your face from appearing oily. Use a fluffy makeup brush to apply the powder on your skin and never apply too much powder as it might spoil your makeup. Your face shouldn´t appear as powdered.



Blush warms up a tired looking face and remember to apply blush only on the apples of your cheek.Use a professional brush to apply the blush and avoid too much blush on your face.



Bronzer is an essential in a makeup bag. You got to apply bronzers on the sun-kissed areas of your face. Use blushes and bronzers in a way to accentuate your best parts and downplay your negatives. Powder-based bronzer is used for oily skin and cream-based bronzer is used for dry skin. Bronzers should always be used along with blush to make your face appear perfect.

 Eyeshadow base

eyeshadow base

An eyeshadow primer or base is applied on the eyelids to conceal imperfections and creates a base layer for eyeshadow to rest on. Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply the eyeshadow primer and apply it evenly on the entire eyelid.

Eye shadows


Use atleast three shades of eye shadows to get the perfect eyes. Eye shadows should be applied with proper strokes and a professional brush. Use right colors and highlighter to enhance the eye.



Eyeliner defines your eyes. Use a smudge-free and long lasting eyeliner. It is an essential in your makeup bag.These are available in classic and flattery shades which beautifully enhances the eye area.



This is the major cosmetic that transforms your look. Use waterproof mascaras and make sure that you keep your lashed glob-free and separated.

Lip liners


Lip liners do have a significant purpose and they prevent your lip color from feathering or wearing out. Mark the cupid bow on your lip and line the entire lip close to the edges of your lip.



Lipsticks add color on your lips and makes your lip appear beautiful. Lipsticks also exfoliate and moisturize your lips. Choose lipsticks that are long-lasting and waterproof. Use lip brushes if needed to use lipsticks in a conservative way.

Lip glosses

lip gloss

Lip glosses give that glossy and shiny finish to your lips. It gives an attractive shimmer and a natural look. Do not go overboard your lip liner and blot it with a tissue for comfort. Get smooth, beautiful and glossy lips.

Lip balms


Lip balm or lip salve is a wax-like substance that moisturizes lips and prevents it from drying. Lip balms are often forgotten as lipsticks and glosses seem attractive but this is the cosmetic that works on the nourishment of your lips and keeps it lively. It is an essential in your makeup bag.

Facial cleanser and makeup remover

facial cleanser

A cleanser is something that is important in a makeup bag especially when you are on travel. To take your makeup off use them and make sure that they suits your skin type.



It is necessary to moisturize your skin after cleansing it to prevent dryness. Use moisturizers as required and this smoothens your skin,

Professional makeup brush set


A set of professional brushes are very essential to use the cosmetics properly and these brushes help in spreading the makeup evenly on your face. There are a variety of brushes available and try to get the ones that you need for your daily makeup.

Makeup brush cleaner


It is necessary that you clean your brushes once your makeup is over to avoid messing up. Soak your brushes in luke warm water and use your makeup brush cleaner as required and dry it with a soft cloth.

Make sure that you have all these in your makeup bag and carry it with you. These help in bringing the best in you and makes you feel more confident than before. Do remember to throw away old products and replace them with new periodically. Enjoy the professional look on your face.