Nature and its fury

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Science has made us Gods even before we are worthy of being men.
-Jean Rostand
The 20th and the 21st century have seen unprecedented advance in science and technology. True that everything is permanent except for change. Unfortunately, we often fail to realize that we have all these developments at the cost of a hefty price. We have, since times immemorial caused great harm to the Earth. As we sit and think over it carefully, we tend to wonder if we have evolved into a more superior and technologically advanced species as compared to our fore fathers. However, in times of yore natural happiness prevailed over material happiness. They nurtured, and adored nature in all its bounty and gave them forms equal to gods. So whether it was the Indian or the ancient Greek, every culture had its God of Rain or goddess of Earth. Nature in turn blessed them with bountiful of basic needs. Over the past several years, the humans have developed drastically and selfishly reaped the benefits Mother Nature, so much so that they cared not how it kept hurting her.
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” This is a very apt quote by Mahatma Gandhi in the current scenario.

Our so-called metropolitan cities or cities of thousands aspirations increase the possibility of fulfilling our dreams on one hand and decrease the life expectancy on the other hand. It is no longer safe to inhale the toxic air in these cities. The air has become so polluted that breathing is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes per day. Needless to say what this can do the human body. The carbon emission rates have risen exponentially with every developed nation and its city being forced to implement laws concerning protection of the earth. From Shanghai, New York, Brazilia, Mumbai, London, Berlin, Tokyo. It is very clearly visible how the various ecosystems on the Earth are facing threat of depletion of its flora and fauna. Back in the cities we are confused of the seasons. Agreed there has been progress in the medical field in leaps and bounds. With that there has been a surge in the diseases effecting people worldwide.

  • People are scared to breathe the free air which might cause some kind of pulmonary disease.
  • People are doubtful about consuming the food products which contain killing medicines although meant for pests and mice but causing havoc in the intestinal systems soon after they enter our systems.
  • People prefer to avoid going out in the sun or as in Pune cover their body from head to toe such that even a slight patch of skin is not exposed in spite of the suffocation, all this to keep skin cancers and eye burns at bay.
  • People also no longer trust the water from the natural reservoirs which are potential breeding grounds for life threatening germs.



All this has given rise to so many problems in health. Dandruff, dryness, hair fall, cataract, eye retina collapse, split ends, skin allergies, lung cancer, pulmonary infections, and the list goes on. Some of the diseases and disorders are being reported for the first time in history.
Are we going to wake up only when the last of the trees, or the water, or the fish gets consumed? Is it too late to know the hovering clouds of disaster? Well, it is never too late actually. So luckily we have a chance. To save the Earth and its citizens from the harmful, ever growing torture, it has become even more imperative today to get a full proof plan than at any other time in history. These plans should give birth to solutions which should come from not just one organization or ethnicity but every different group around the entire globe. Green Planet is not just the need of the hour, but also the need of the century and will continue to be so even in the coming several centuries.
Sigmund Jahnm, an astronaut made the apt statement as follows- “Only when I saw the Earth from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realize that humankind’s most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations.”
So it will be wise if we start contributing in every way big or small towards this cause. First of all we need to stop behaving like the parasites that suck out all life from its host. Else our host that is the planet Earth being perished is synonymous to the life forms seeing the end. Just like in the 2012 movie or the Day After Tomorrow movie, we might not be able survive the impending apocalypse if we prefer to sit idle. Unfortunately we do not even have the ability to travel back in time as in case o the American series Terranova, where lush trees and relishing the benefits of nature in its purest form would become a reality. Because earth is the only spaceship that we need to make it the safest vessel for not just ourselves but also for our upcoming generations. Complementary to that it is significant to remember – The Earth doesn’t belong to us, but we belong to the Earth.