Nurture the Artist

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Have we ever pondered about what talents we possess? What are our possibilities? Fact is that we ourselves are unaware of it. But what matters is the first step taken. It is always easy to believe that we can’t do something or that we do not possess the qualities required than to believe we do. Similarly it easier to be crazy than being sane. Most of us due to our childhood or past events believe strongly that we can’t do something we like say write, paint, sing due to a cultural labyrinth and are forced to choose lucrative careers instead .Thereby losing ourselves bit by bit in the process and regretting what we could have been later on. We also tend to appreciate people more who have chosen such fields. It is a sin to judge oneself while practising art. The best part is that there’s no correct time, correct age to do a right thing. The moment you start doing what you like, is the right time. Stop judging yourself and treat the within you. Pamper it, nourish it. IT will be daunting at first and immensely difficult to believe that everyone possess an artist within himself in the first place. But once you’ve realised it, you have no bounds. There are no rights and wrongs, no Limits. Also, for the ones who mock this or call it silly, it will make the most difference to them. So watch out for your creativity to unleash. Now where do we start from?

  • Pen down what you feel

Every morning make it habit to write down whatever you feel. Start with just a page.Dont worry about the content and most importantly we are not here to judge anyones writing including our own. Let it flow. Write down whatever you want. If you have nothing to write, write “I have nothing to write”. Make this a habit for days together and stick on.

  • Date your artist

The artist within us is similar to a child who needs to be taken care of, requires pampering. Take yourself on a date every week. Enjoy yourself. Go on a walk, movie whatever you like. It can be something like buying yourself stars, or little soft toys. Whatever makes you happy. But this is a very important step for the development of your artist.

  • Stay away from Crazy makers

Once you have unblocked yourself and let the artist perform its art, you’ll always face resistance from relatives, friends etc collectively known as Crazy makers. These are the people who are blocked themselves and are jealous of your unblocking. They are attention seekers and detest people who are in a better state than themselves. It is always more difficult to appreciate something than to criticise it.

  • Trust your artist

It is important here, never to give up on yourself. After a while you may find the dates boring or may reduce on the frequency of writing but it is mandatory that you do not forget that the process must be satisfying . You just have to go with the flow.  If you don’t trust your artist who else will? As told by the great Pablo Picasso,

”Every child is born an artist. What matters is those who continue it throughout their lifetime

  •  Do not be a Shadow Artist

Most of us get bogged down by a cultural maze and ditch the artist within us thinking we may not be good enough or that it may not be worth it in the long run. These are shadow artists who eventually regret the decision. Once you start your art, the universe conspires to get you what you want.


  • Eccentricity is Normalcy

Yes, it is normal to be a little crazy and an artist can truly understand this connection. When you are eccentric in the worlds eye, the world is not normal in your eyes. You don’t think the same as the world does and you are proud about this. Your friends are eccentric too and you have a world of your own and your artist. The best part is that each own of us can become this. The first step is to let go of trivial things that we seldom worry about. Let your energies and imaginations flow and the rest will take care of itself. You have to be prepared always since chance is something that happens to a prepared mind. Until then all you have to do is keep trying.

  • Make your artist lucrative

Once you realise the worth of your artist, you can think about it in the lucrative sense. These days there are so many options that even thinking about them creates havoc. If you like writing, there’s freelance jobs,journalism,blogs if painting then say an exhibition to start off with in order to market yourself If direction then as a trainee , an assistant role whatever it is that makes you happy and lets the creativity to constantly keep flowing.

You do not realise but the habit, the flow in nurturing your artist is far painful and shattering than being blocked. So get out of your comfort zone and discover and nurture the artist within.