Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Do you wash hands repeatedly to make them germ-free? Do you check if the room is locked, stove is off again and again? Do you feel that something harmful is likely to happen either to you or your family? Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental disorder that makes you to do something repeatedly or your brain replays certain incident that has affected you again and again. OCDs sometimes start at a very young age but it’s most common among young adults and it worsens with age. Most people who are affected by OCD are perfectionists, people who are ordered in their work and people who are self-obsessive. A storm of evil thoughts pops on your mind and stops you to do you work with concentration. The fear that something bad may happen constantly hovers over your mind. OCD increases with stress and reduces your efficiency at work. Thinking over and over about something, stressing so much, unnecessary fears are the sparks for igniting the fire of OCD. OCD causes irritation which leads to poor mental health. As the name indicates it involves both obsessions and compulsions to do something repeatedly. It causes anxiety and uneasiness. It is a mental disorder of recurring thoughts or repeated behaviors.

Symptoms of OCD

Obsessive thoughts

  • Fear of causing harm to others or oneself.
  • Fear of getting contaminated with germs.
  • Fear of losing what you need may be your position, dear ones, your ambition.
  • An obsession that certain things must be in the right way or ordered.
  • Excessive conviction on the ‘lucky’ factor.
  • A strong focus on religion and religious beliefs.
  • A need to apologize or forgive repeatedly.

Compulsive Behaviors


  • Washing hands repeatedly to keep them clean.
  • Excessive checking of locks and stove to make sure whether they are off.
  • Praying again and again and engaging in rituals often.
  • Repeating certain words or phrases to overcome anxiety.
  • Ordering things in a certain way to keep them aligned.
  • Excessive caring of loved ones to make sure that they are safe.
  • Collecting waste things and considering them as a lucky factor.

Obsessions are unwanted thoughts that repeat on our mind. To overcome these obsessions, compulsive actions are done. People with OCD often find it difficult to control these actions and the rituals control them. The cause for OCD is still a mystery and researchers are working on that. But the cause of OCD is often thought as anxiety and stress. It is not that a person with the above symptoms suffers from OCD. Only if OCD affects your life and develops huge stress, the person is regarded as a victim of OCD.
OCD is sometimes accompanied by digestive disorders, anxiety and depression. It is not that everyone who has OCD will suffer as it worsens with age; it may sometimes go on without affecting your life or may even worsen.

Treatment for OCD

Treatment for OCD is to consult a doctor, talk about the issue and get it  cured. Mostly psychotherapy is considered as a treatment for OCD. It involves ways to reduce anxiety and teaches positive thinking. Negative thoughts play an important role to increase OCD. Treatments are given to reduce compulsive behaviors, obsessive thoughts by exposure to situations that make the person feel less anxious and stress-free. Medicines are also given to reduce anxiety and they are mostly anti-anxiety medicines and anti-depressants. They medicines are so active and powerful that they start their action immediately and are recommended that these are not taken for a long period. Antidepressants may be safe and cure many but they may also be risky to a few. A person taking antidepressants may have suicidal thoughts and sometimes even make suicide attempts.

If you come to know that you are suffering from OCD, there is no need to panic. It’s common among the population and it is not just you who suffers from this. Don’t let the obsessive thoughts invade your mind. Think positively and don’t spend time alone. Try to be in a group or with your family most of the time. Meditation, yoga and workouts help you to concentrate eventually killing those evil thoughts that pop your mind. OCD is mainly due to anxiety, so try avoiding anxious situations and keep calm. Don’t stress yourself so much that stress invades your mind. Believe that it’s okay even if everything is not perfect as life is only to enjoy to the fullest and not to stick to rules.

Arrange team-outings, family outings, party and occasions where you can interact with many to boost your confidence levels which is a dose of motivation and gives positive energy. Try to be in a peaceful locality with harmony. Unnecessary troubles, distress and fears are to be avoided. Cultivate the habit of reading books, entertaining yourself and enjoying every bit of life. As Jill Botte Taylor says,’ To experience peace, doesn’t mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable to tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life’. Life can be happier if we remember just one thing that we can’t get everything we desire but God will give all that we deserve.