One Minute Workout Wonders…

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For the ones who want it quick and easy . Here are some 60 minutes exercises that will that fat easy.

Take a brisk walk or run up the stairs— do whatever it takes to raise your heart rate, and burn an extra calorie or two in the process.


Sixty sweaty seconds is all you need for weight loss, according to the latest research on high-intensity training. There was a time when it was believed that the more the number of hours you put in at the gym, the more toned and fitter you would get. But according to researchers at the University of Utah , US, a dozen or so bursts of exercise lasting only a minute, accumulated during the course of the day, can provide the same kind of health benefits as 10-minute bouts of moderate exercise. Fitness scientists have shown that it’s not the duration of a workout that matters, but the effort you are prepared to make while doing it.

Here are some one-minute workouts, guaranteed to help you burn calories in record time:
Lie on your stomach with arms stretched overhead and legs straight. Lengthen body, tuck tailbone to protect your lower back, and lift arms and legs at the same time. Hold for 60 seconds.

Bicycle abs
Lie on back with hands behind head, legs and feet lifted, knees bent to 90-degree angle. Lift head and shoulders slightly off the ground. Rotate torso so left shoulder is moving toward right knee. At the same time, extend and lower left leg. Alternate sides for a total of 10 reps per side, as if you’re pedaling a bike.

Hit the ground (or do pushups against a wall) and give yourself 20. Done in a minute.
Stair climbers
Climb up the stairs in your building, two at a time, at a fast pace.

Calf raise
Stand with feet parallel, shoulder-width apart, and slowly lift heels off the ground so you stand on the balls of your feet. Slowly lower.

Walking lunges
Step forward with your right foot, then bend both legs so that the right knee is at a 90-degree angle and the left knee nearly touches the floor. Straighten, keeping abs tight, and step forward with the left foot to bring your legs together. Repeat with the opposite leg, then continue alternating legs as you step forward.