Online dating disasters

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This century is dominated by technology. Cell phones have become smart and can literally do a proportion of the work for you. Technology is being used for shopping, whether it be apparels, accessories or even groceries. If you have the internet, literally every thing will be at your door step, and for some people even love. In fact matrimonial websites are a super hit in today’s world. Ironic as it may seem, people claim to not have time to socialise and meet their soul mate and thanks to technology, soul mates are just a click away. In an era dominated by social websites, the entire concept of friendship to a great extent has become virtual. But this form of so called friendship has more negative effects than positive ones. The very reason for this is because you never know who the person is, you do not know anything about him or her and have no idea if they are lying or not. Many women and men resort to these modes of communication and association with a clean conscience and fall prey to the baits of all the wrong people. However, we cannot completely ignore the fact that some of them prove to be decent folks. But why should you risk it? Dating websites are booming and usually the people there, are looking for relationships since they fail to connect with real people in their own circles. The point of the matter is that many people who fail to get positive attention while communicating personally with others are usually the ones enlisted on such websites.


When looking for a relationship on social websites we come across a variety of people claiming to be a certain person, living in a certain city and working in a said organisation. How will you ever know? On these websites, you meet a series of images and essentially a digital persona who is merely a concoction of words and adjectives. You can never know the authenticity of the provided information. They can be drug addicts or alcoholics for all you know.Whereas, when you meet a person at a party, you can observe their attitude towards other people and can draw a basic personality. In which case you know who he socialises with and how he is received by others as well. A character can only be judged by the company he keeps and how he or she reacts to situations.


The worst and most abundant kind includes stalkers who love blackmailing. These people are sexual predators, desperate for physical relations since they literally do not get attention from the right people for obvious reasons. Researchers have proved that about 25% of rapists found their victims on such dating websites according to Privacy Rights Clearing house. And some resort to threats of committing suicide or even blackmailing. Most of the blackmailing turns out to be rather intimidating since they tend to blackmail you with a certain information about your life, that you so carelessly shared with a random stranger or with certain images of yours which they somehow got hold of. These people desperately require therapy and rehab, since they lack depth and understanding, and only cling on to lust and mistake it for love. The only way to avoid this is by not talking to strangers on the net and if you must then at least do not invite them over to your place at any cost. Remember, do not bite the bait.


This usually turns out to a heart breaking situation when the person you are interested in does not reply to any of your messages. This can happen a lot, specially if they have found someone else or when they are just too busy weighing the number of fishes in sea. And also when they do not receive your message due to some technical glitch in the system. But you can completely avoid this situation by getting off your computer and going out to meet people, believe me you will find some weirdo like yourself.

All these situations result from trusting someone you have never met or know nothing about. You tend to start trusting and loving someone based on a web of lies circumvented by that someone you think to be honest. But why would you even consider making yourself that vulnerable to a random stranger? Every individual is unique and you definitely have something to give in a relationship so you have to stop thinking of yourself as someone who lacks depth or courage. You cannot hope to invest your emotions in a bond that was created virtually, because you can truly invest your emotions when you know every single detail about the person and by that I do not mean hobbies. More like the way he likes his steak or why she cries every time she listens to the Beatles. Love is not something you find on the internet or even at parties, it is something  your will stumble across only when you are not looking. Stop looking for love, it will find you when the time is right.