Oral hygiene

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Oral hygiene should definitely not be overlooked since there is no pain as bad as pain caused by cavity. Oral hygiene is as essential a regime as your diet plan since it is a part of your body and should any harm be inflicted in the form of infection it will effect the functioning of your entire anatomy. The main reason for this is because we consume food, the only source of energy through the mouth, therefore if any infection takes place in our mouth, the process of eating will definitely become a painful one. Also the major concern these days are cavities, since it does not only depend on brushing but also the kind of food you consume. The other oral issues like gum problems also tend to cause certain heart problems as well, by increasing the risk of heart diseases. The more common concern with regards to oral hygiene is bad breath. No one in their right mind would ever want to have bad breath and bad breath is caused by a variety of reasons like smoking or gum problems, so if you want perfect oral health, do kick the compulsive I-need-a-cigarette habit. Smoking also increases the risk of oral cancer. And the other ways to reduce the risk of bad oral health are as follows:


1. Brush twice daily
Brushing is of utmost importance. Specially in the morning and then again after dinner. Gum problems and tooth decay are not only a concern for older people but also for teenagers and people from all age groups, since we all consume high amounts of sugar in the form of candy or coffee, which does harm our teeth. Many teenagers suffer from bleeding gums according to ADHA. The one basic thing to keep in mind is that the toothbrush needs to be changed for at least 4 times a year. Children with braces ought to use special brushes to clean their teeth. And if you are a patient of arthritis and cannot move your brush correctly, then you can always switch  to electric toothbrushes.

2. Flossing is important
Flossing is an essential aspect of oral care since it helps in removing particles from between the teeth, thereby preventing any source of infection that might spread because of the accumulation of such particles over time.

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3. Sealants are advised
It is always a good thing to use sealants since they reduce the chances of getting carries by at least 70% according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Permanent molars come in around the age of six years, when if sealants are applied as a protective coating on the teeth, then the chewing surfaces at the back of the teeth can prevent decay in the pits and fissures. However, very few children actually get sealants.

4. Fluoride Control
Fluoride is the single, best thing about oral health. It helps strengthens the enamel and reduces chances of teeth decay. Fluoride coating can be applied on the teeth so as to prevent the teeth from decaying. Nowadays, various products such as tooth paste and mouth washes contain fluoride in them, which aids the oral health maintenance process. However, fluoride is bad for children and therefore care must be taken in this particular respect. Some people even drink water containing fluoride so that the teeth is constantly coming in touch with the chemical that protects it. The dentist can always prescribe fluoride containing water or other products that may keep your teeth more healthy.

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5. Rinsing
Rinsing is another important process, specially after every meal that we take. Apart from flossing and brushing, rinsing your mouth with an anti bacterial mouth wash can always prevent oral infections, reduce chances of bad breath, tooth decay and gum problems. Chewing on sugar free gums, can also help by increasing saliva flow which automatically cleans the bacteria and neutralizes the acid content. The saliva content has to be at the normal level, so that it can wash away the bacteria, therefore if your saliva content reduces it is mandatory to visit a dentist.


Therefore, visiting a dentist on a regular basis is extremely important for people of all age groups. Keeping the above points in mind if we just try to modify our lifestyle a little bit in order to enhance our oral health, it is not really going to amount to a bad thing. Oral hygiene is important since it is always way more pleasing to talk to someone who does not have bad teeth or bad breath.  But to even attempt to talk to anyone with brown and crooked teeth is a ghastly task, since we always want to keep away from such people irrespective of their sweet disposition, because during the conversation our focus will keep shifting to their horrid teeth. So I am pretty sure that you already have the perfect oral hygiene routine, but this is just a request to maintain the same throughout in order to stay away from oral discomfort. Also, by the time a child turns six months and their first teeth grow it, that is the time to begin the oral health care process for them as well. So, stay healthy and give me that 100 watt smile!