Being Organised: ‘the magic work mantra’

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Being organised

In our society we call some people ‘busy without any business’ and similarly, some become very important for us. In actual, the important persons aren’t busy by their nature, but it is their passion to keep themselves occupied in work. Nowadays, it has become a trend to show off, that I have a work and I can’t fish around to pop up with any single matter considered unvital to me. But who do have plenty of work in a limited period of time becomes too busy with their business, and often they fail to compete in collaboration that others do. Solution? Teachers used to say ‘be organised and write to the point answers’ while answering a lengthy question paper during exams. Parents say, ‘be organised and plan your work’. Even a boss advises, ‘be organised and prioritize your work according to your capability’. So, there lies the importance of ‘being organised’ in having a stress free life. There are many advantages to being organized that include reduced stress, saving time, and working more efficiently. It is the one and only ‘magic mantra’ to compete in today’s super-competitive job market. Indeed, it is virtually impossible to be successful in this world without being an organized person. With a little planning and thought everyday, being organized will help you achieve your goals in life.

Being organized in a college setting is vital to ensure that you get your work done on time. Having a binder for every class is a great idea because it helps you to keep all your work for one subject in one spot. For example if you have seven classes you would have a two inch binder for every class. Then when you go to study you can just take out the appropriate binder for that class and not have to worry about your other classes. This is a perfect example of how being organized will help you to succeed in a college environment. Being organized for school is extremely important, but being organized in the workplace is just as important if not more important.

Being an organized person helps us to gain respect and status that is quite required as a mark of recognition, while we hold any position in a corporation or an institute. Being an orderly person is something that business professionals highly respect, as for example, getting things done on time. Likewise, if you have a business report to give later in the week you should have copies of report printed the day before. This way you are sure that the report is ready to go for the meeting.


Being organized will help you to reach your goals in life and become an extremely successful person. Without being organised, life will be chaotic and your days will be full of stress from day to day. The change in the approach of taking up tasks and finishing them makes the very difference. In the workspace area, the high flyer’s main job is to get things done in appropriate time. As learnt from various teachers, I got with myself some definite ways to become a  super achiever backed by sincere management of work load and super-organised lifestyle:

  1. Effective management of time: We must recognise ourselves that there are only 24 hours in the day and no one can work all of them. If we are constantly working long hours, then we are more likely to make our burn out than achieve brilliant results. Its better to manage our time effectively, so that we shouldn’t need to stay late.


  1. Make a to-do list: Starting lots of jobs at the same time isn’t the most efficient way of dealing with them. Hence, we need to make a to-do list by getting some time at the beginning of the day or just before returning home. The list should contain the to-do numbers orderly on basis of their importance. It is reported that we will always stay on top of our workload if we can reference a list – and we will definitely get a great sense of satisfaction ever time we cross something off.


  1. Prioritize your tasks: There is plenty of work to be carried out in a day’s time. But some things are indeed useful and more profitable. Hence its better to put more time into the things that will give us the most benefit. According to the Pareto’s Principle, only 20% of our daily tasks really matter; that 20% will produce 80% of our results. So identify these tasks and focus most of our time and energy on achieving them.


  1. Beware of false deadlines: Most of the time, we get works which are likely to be completed ‘immediately’ or ‘right now’. But in reality this is often just not so important and it won’t be as urgent as it seems. Its better to find out the real story behind the curtain and push back with a timeframe that suits all parties.


  1. Know yourself: We need to decide when we can give our best and then plan. Generally it’s a good idea to do smaller and easier tasks when our energy is low (like after lunch), and tackle more challenging tasks when our energy is higher.