Overall Care for Your Outlook! (Part 2)

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Overall care for your outlook! (Part 2)

Hello fellas! I am back with few more tips on skin care and much more. We have seen lot more tips on skin problems and tanning and all that now let’s see some care tips on our hands and legs. Many of them working women and housewives often do not get time to take care of their health and beauty but she should do so. Due to washing and cleaning household stuffs your hands may seem to become rough and sun burn may lead to darkening of your skin. Hands also suffer few of the problems, problems are not PROBLEMS as big as they seem to hear but it’s like the dead skin of the hands and unwanted hair and such stuff.

# Following are the tips to take care of such problems for hand:

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  • Whenever you wash clothes, clean dishes wash off your hand with soft soap and wipe with clean towel or napkin, keep them dry. Apply Vaseline, petroleum jelly or little coconut oil and take a light massage.
  • In winter skin loses some of the moisture and becomes dry. Then daily apply petroleum jelly, cold creams. Or in the morning bath apply cream then massage for 10 minutes and have bath after ½ an hour.
  • If you rub lemon over skin of elbow it will remove dead and hard skin leaving it soft.
  • Cut your nails or trim it if you want to leave them shape neatly at least once in a week and see that dust is not accumulated anywhere.
  • If you want your hands to be softer you can use baby which also makes it smooth.
  • If you want to apply nail polishes then first cut your nails neatly and then apply it. If you want to make you nail polish dry soon on hands dip your fingers in water.
  • While washing clothes and dishes try to use hand gloves to prevent your hands from being rough.
  • For teenagers who go outdoors use sunscreen lotions to prevent darkening and when you are back to home wash and apply lotion or jelly or cold cream at least once in a week if you have complete dark skin.
  • Take manicure at least monthly once, waxing to remove unwanted hair skin to prevent blackness follow this tips.
  • Mix glycerin, rose water, lemon juice in equal and apply to skin on hands which will make it soft and smooth.
  • Mix tomato juice, lemon juice in equal proportion and a drop of glycerin apply to hands leave for half an hour and then wash off.
  • For dis colored nails scrub them in white vinegar. For this take a cotton bud pour 2-3 drops of vinegar over it and rub your nails with this cotton. Now clean the nails by dipping the tooth brush in lemon juice and rubbing it over nails. Then wash it off with warm water.

# Following are the tips for feet care:

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How important are our feet for us, we realize only when we have some problem in them. A problem may be as minor as shoe-biting makes us aware of the feet’s utility to us. We usually neglect them and do not really want to take their proper care. Do care for them.

  • Growth of unwanted hair can be provided. By mixing curd, turmeric powder and toordal powder to legs which will provide unwanted growth of hairs.
  • If the amount and thickness of hair is too much opt for waxing, the best solution ever.
  • If you have dead skin and roughness is more then apply lemon and rub daily.
  • Do not wear too much tight shoes or slippers with high heels and tightness.
  • Whenever you buy a new shoes apply sesame oil or coconut oil a day before you use it to avoid the shoe bite.
  • Walk barefoot on grass in the morning.
  • Those who have walking habit for long hours or those who stand for long time they should avoid heels and make use of flats more often.
  • Expose your leg to air as far as possible.
  • If someone wishes to grow their nails on feet they should trim it once a week and should take proper care of it.

# Lip care:

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Lips are the most attractive thing on the face as smile is important for everyone. To get rosy lips here are some tips I have for you:

  • Boil rose petals in water and drain the water off then store it in a bottle in fridge, apply it daily on your lips to get the pink rosy lips.
  • Especially in winter your lips get dry and rough so utmost care should be taken as it may damage your look. You can massage cream (milk top) or fresh butter to soften the lips.
  • If one has a black lip do not worry apply coconut oil daily on your lips and massage lightly, your color will turn light soon. Or one can apply glycerin to lip so that the color will become light.
  • Always use good quality lipstick.

Finally done with this caring tips hope you liked and got the desired result. Thank you!