Overall care for your outlook!(part 1)

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Overall care for your outlook!(part 1)

We all take care and maintain our skin so much from every problem. From skin tan, scars, pimples, wrinkle not only the face problems but we all try to maintain our whole body with proper care and nourishment. So here I am again with some beautiful tips to keep you flawless and look stunning. Knowing what exact your problems are help to deal with lot more easily. Many of the women who become bit older they may suffer wrinkles problem, dark circles are commonly found this days in all of them and much more. So let us all know what this all is about and how to take care of it.

# wrinkles:

Wrinkles are very fine and thin lines on the skin found on skin. Basically this is caused due to ageing of an individual but it’s not the only case it may appear prematurely due to neglect of a sensitive and dry skin. Anti-wrinkle skin cream can be applied which is as follows:

–         Carrot- 250gm

–         Almond/ olive oil – 1tsp.

Take the carrot, run in blender or mix it well by adding almond/ olive oil. Keep it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours and then apply around the eyes and cheeks and keep it for 30 minutes. Later on wipe it off with warm water. It suits all type of skin.

–         Cucumber (grated) – 3 tbsp.

–         Lemon juice – ½ tsp.

–         Brandy – 1 tsp.

–         Egg white – 1egg

–         Tincture of benzoin – ½ tsp.

Mix all the items and blend the mixture well. Keep it in a refrigerator for 2 hours. Massage on the face and neck in circular motion with finger tips and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then wash off with warm water in which a few drops of lemon juice is to be added before. This is also good for all skin types.

# Removing eyebrow hair & upper lips:

Best method for removing this hair is threading, it must be done at least once in a month. This method is less painful or you can opt for electrolysis. This technique burns your hair roots but do not do it by self, take help of experts. It is costly method though not everyone can afford it so that one can prefer threading only.

# Dark circles under the eyes:

This is often caused in one due to lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, dietary deficiency or kidney disease. Apply the cleansing cream around the eyes for 15 minutes and leave to dry then wash off with moist cotton.

# White heads and Black heads:

These are tiny, pearly white spots raised on skin. White heads are often caused due to excessive secretion of sebum oil. But unlike black heads it is not exposed to air so the oxidation does not take place. Hence there tips do not get darken. White head appears in the area where skin is delicate and fine. Best way to remove is take a steam and remove it by pressing or black head remover stick is easily available in the market.

Above were the face problems and its care let’s take a look on below the face i.e. neck:

–         The most important thing you should keep in mind is whenever you wash your face you should clean the neck with the same soap and wipe it off with clean towel whenever you come from outside.

–         When you apply the face pack or scrub to your face same goes to your neck as your skin should have a match with it.

–         Use a soft body brush to clean the neck while bathing

–         As you massage your face in an upward direction neck should be treated downwards.

# Following are few of the packs which can be applied to the neck to get desired glow and finish:

download (1)

–         Massage with Johnson baby oil over the neck for 10 minutes which increases blood circulation and removes fats, immediately wash with Bengal flour.

–         Use a good quality bleach cream around the neck and then wash it off.

–         Smooth exercise of neck can make it stiff and attractive.

–         If your neck has many wrinkles take egg white, rose water, glycerin in equal quantities apply to the neck and wash it off after sometime. Turn your neck up, down, left, right which makes a good exercise to the neck.

–         Mix turmeric powder in milk top (cream) and massage neatly wash it off with Luke warm water and wipe it with clean towel.

–         Apply lemon over your neck to reduce the blackness of skin.

–         Rub apricot scrub and dry wash it with Bengal flour to get a glow on your skin.

I guess enough for today actually I have much more to share like lip care, hand care, feet care and all but let’s keep that all for next part. This was part one about how to take care of your neck and skin. Keep waiting for updates on further care tips. Hope this article helps you as all other article helped you. So stay linked to it.