They are parts of our body too!

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They are parts of our body too!

In a recent survey carried out by the National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA) in association with Hindustan Times, it was said that at least one in every three people from Mumbai do not have bath daily. In a metropolitan like Mumbai, it seems unbelievable. However, I wonder if the other two who do have a bath everyday actually clean themselves properly. What I mean is if they clean every part of the body. Well, I don’t think so, at least not every day. The face, skin and the hair are parts of the body that are usually taken care of by most people. These are the areas where a lot of products are dedicated to. There are some who actually forget that there is more to your body than the parts your hands can easily reach.

Not cleaning body parts can result in a lot of fungal reactions throughout the body. Especially parts where water gets retained or corners that aren’t wiped dry. Here are some parts of your body that are always neglected –

Underneath the facial area and the back of your neck:

Your neck is one of the most neglected parts and also the most difficult to clean. One might notice that parts of the neck, especially at the back tend to be darker than the rest of the skin. That isn’t always tanning. The dirt on the neck can be very stubborn, very difficult to remove indeed. Only using soap won’t do. If you rub a little, preferably with a finger, you will notice how tiny particles of dirt start pulling themselves off the skin. This coupled with warm water is very effective in cleaning the neck. Do no stop there! Clean it with soap and water again. Doing this three to four times a week is enough.

Behind your ears:

We clean our ear holes with ear buds or with the towel. But how many of us clean the dirt behind our ears? Dirt accumulated there is usually from the hair and while taking shower, water doesn’t usually reach there. Using two index fingers is enough; the dirt is much easier to remove than the neck.


Private parts:

Why is it such a pain to simply clean them while having a shower? Having diseases in the private areas of the body can be most painful. In the case of women, it is all the more important. A simple soap and water wash is enough.


The back:

It is almost impossible to reach the whole of your back with your hands; it requires a lot of effort. That’s all the more reason why it needs to be cleaned regularly. We usually end up taking a quick shower when we are in a hurry and don’t wash it well or wash it but do not wipe it completely dry. It takes a little effort to maintain one’s personal hygiene, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it.


Believe it or not, the navel is the dirtiest part of the body! The navel or the belly button is one of the most accessible areas of the body. Yet, it happens to be one of the neglected parts. In several people who are plump or heavy, the navel contains quite a lot of dirt. This dirt or rather the lint that is trapped in there can be accumulated for years together and can be more inaccessible day by day. It turns into mud that sticks to the skin making it almost impossible to remove. Along with this mud there is dead skin, hair, and dried up sweat that has accumulated in that little hole. If not cleaned in time, it has the potential to turn into an infection or a wound that will have to be removed by a surgical procedure. If your navel tends to be going outwards than inwards, you still have to clean it regularly and visit a doctor! You probably are suffering from umbilical hernia.



They are parts of our body tooPouring water over the feet and rubbing both of them together (sometimes with a little soap) is the most common way of cleaning one’s feet. How many areas do you cover? The feet are the most neglected part of our body. Even if we don’t move around the house bare feet, accumulation of dirt in every area of the foot – from the toe nail to the area around the ankle happens really quickly. While having a shower, one must use their fingers to rub every area – especially between your toes, around your ankles and the upper portion of the feet. Sit down if you have to but clean the bottom of your feet too. This should be done every day. The amount of dead skin that shall come off your feet will surprise you. After washing them, do NOT forget to wipe them dry. The gaps between your toes are prone to fungal diseases and hence need to be kept dry. Your toe nails deserve your attention too. It is okay if you do not indulge in pedicures. An ordinary nail cutter consists of a picker which you can use to clean the dirt between you toe nail and the skin. Also women need to avoid growing their toe nails as it is easier for dirt to retain itself there. Your heels need to be taken care of by using appropriate creams and if possible exfoliation. Use of good and clean footwear is a must.

A shower or a bath is never complete is each and every part of the body isn’t taken care of. Avoid being lazy, the above mentioned parts are parts of your body too!